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Saving the World One Teen at a Time

Saving the World One Teen at a Time is a weekly column about navigating the tween-teen years in an increasingly thorny, competitive and tech-dominated world, written by two women with super-hero insights. Kristy Campbell is a mom of 5 (1 teen, tween twins, 1 pre-tween, 1 toddler) and works as an actress and social media consultant. She is currently writing her guide on how to survive the modern mom’s midlife crisis. Abby Margolis Newman is a mom of two teenage sons, and one prematurely teenage 11-year-old son. She has written feature stories for the New York Times, and articles for Parenting, Working Mother, and Scholastic, among many other publications.  

Teen Text Trauma.

Last week, I had a wake-up call, a bucket of cold water in my face courtesy of AT&T: I found out that my middle son, age 14, had racked up 847 text messages in less than two weeks of cell phone usage. more

Holiday Musical Houses.

I love this time of year. It is especially joyful for those of us with blended families because there is an extra element of joy in arranging the logistics of who goes where when and for how long. But this year with a teenager who wants to call her own shots, I’m finding myself stuck between a menorah and a tree. more

The First Kiss.

I have to confess: I was a witness to my teenage son's first kiss, and it was bizarre, to say the very least. There he was, pulling the girl close to him with one hand, tenderly caressing her jawline with the other... and then, the kiss. more

Skateboarding Is Not A Crime.

I’ve never given much thought to the sport of skateboarding. In fact, I don’t really think I’ve ever considered skateboarding to be a sport. But my whole perception about skateboarding recently changed when I watched Tony Hawk and his buddies take to the half-pipe. more

Beatlemania is Back.

Forty-five years later, it's Beatlemania all over again. In 1964, four "mop-topped" young musicians from Liverpool stepped off a plane at JFK airport in New York City, and the world of music was forever changed. Now, the release of the Beatles Remastered collection has swept the nation, and suddenly Beatles music and CD's are everywhere you go. more

Losing It.

Be warned. There is going to come a day in your parenting career when
you will open your mouth to give advice to your kids and nothing will
come out. The lack of words is usually because you aren’t sure what to
say or you simply don’t want to say it. more

Everyone Cheats?

Well, the New York Yankees are going to the World Series again -- and boy, am I relieved. My youngest son, Henry (age 10) is a passionate and loyal Yankee fan, and frankly, I feared the emotional consequences if the Yanks had lost the ALCS to the Angels. more

I’ve Turned My Kids Into Addicts.

I’m having one of those beat-yourself-up mom moments. No, not the “oh, don’t be so hard on yourself” kind but a real, honest “I really screwed up on this” moment, and I’m not too proud to admit to my mistake. more

Food for Thought.

I love the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times with a passion. I look forward to reading it every week, and I save it for last, like dessert. First, I read the news section, which habitually makes me feel helpless and depressed. more

Betwixt and Between.

I’d like to extend a virtual handshake to Mommy Tracked readers. I’m Kristy Campbell and if you have kids from 8-18, I’m your new best friend. I have five children from age 1 to age 17. If I have survived – so can you. more

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