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Saving the World One Teen at a Time

Saving the World One Teen at a Time is a weekly column about navigating the tween-teen years in an increasingly thorny, competitive and tech-dominated world, written by two women with super-hero insights. Kristy Campbell is a mom of 5 (1 teen, tween twins, 1 pre-tween, 1 toddler) and works as an actress and social media consultant. She is currently writing her guide on how to survive the modern mom’s midlife crisis. Abby Margolis Newman is a mom of two teenage sons, and one prematurely teenage 11-year-old son. She has written feature stories for the New York Times, and articles for Parenting, Working Mother, and Scholastic, among many other publications.  

Kids and Cell Phones.

I've been struggling for months now with the idea of whether to buy a cellphone for my 11-year-old son, Henry, so it was with great interest that I read the recent article in the New York Times entitled, "When to Buy Your Child a Cellphone." more

Senior Prom 2.0: Farewell to Being a Teen.

Senior Prom 2010 is a far cry from my Gunne Sax dress and dinner at The Ramada Inn. Of course, San Francisco is quite a distance from the middle of Pennsylvania, but I sense that all across the county, Senior Proms have amped up the crepe paper and punch bowls. Prom 2.0 is in full swing this spring. And, it’s more than just a dance. more

The College Admissions Race.

Our oldest son is a high school sophomore, so we are still two years away from the college application process, but from what I'm hearing, there is ample reason to start freaking out now. more

The Emotional Blindside.

“Mom, what’s an affair?” asked my 9 yr old daughter after catching a news headline on television about Tiger Woods. “It’s when you have sex with someone you’re not married to,” said her twin brother not even looking up from his homework. “Oh really, when did you become an expert?” I asked, rather curiously. more

Cheating on Homework to Get Ahead in Life.

Has your teenager ever cheated on a test or copied someone else's homework? Chances are much higher than you might think, according to a new documentary, "Race to Nowhere," which explores the academic pressures today's high-schoolers face. more

Raising Cavemen.

As I watch my three boys (ages 9, 5, and 1.5) in their daily routines, I observe natural behavior that is foreign to me, and it seems primal and crass. Fart jokes and nose-picking aside, I am witnessing a deeper construct that is taking hold in their development and I’m concerned. more

The Pressure for School Success.

I sat down the other night with my two older boys, Jonah (16) and Aaron (14) to watch "Race to Nowhere," a new documentary by Vicki Abeles about today's teenagers and the intense pressure to succeed (particularly in high school), and how it is counterproductive and damaging in countless ways. more

Forget "Where Babies Come From"…Where Do They Go?

There’s nothing like “Poker Face” to get your kids in the rally mode for school. I got a phone call recently during one of our on-the-way-to-school jam sessions. I turned the radio down and listened. A friend’s friend lost her baby at 15 weeks and is devastated, and my girlfriend wondered if her friend could call me. more

Heidi Montag and Haiti.

Is anyone else in the pop culture world disgusted at the ridiculous self-absorption by Heidi Montag especially when juxtaposed against the images of the orphans in Haiti? more

In Teens We Trust.

“Mom…I’m ok but I was just in a car accident.” Words to stop any parent’s heart. Mine froze as my daughter burst into panicked tears. She choked out that she was driving and someone in the middle turn lane decided to pull out into traffic to try and make the light and plowed into the side of her car…and then took off. more

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