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Saving the World One Teen at a Time

Saving the World One Teen at a Time is a weekly column about navigating the tween-teen years in an increasingly thorny, competitive and tech-dominated world, written by two women with super-hero insights. Kristy Campbell is a mom of 5 (1 teen, tween twins, 1 pre-tween, 1 toddler) and works as an actress and social media consultant. She is currently writing her guide on how to survive the modern mom’s midlife crisis. Abby Margolis Newman is a mom of two teenage sons, and one prematurely teenage 11-year-old son. She has written feature stories for the New York Times, and articles for Parenting, Working Mother, and Scholastic, among many other publications.  

Fretting Out Loud: On the Disintegration of Civility.

Is it just me, or does it feel as if, over the past several years, civility and polite discourse in our society have utterly deteriorated? more

Values 101

As a mother of three boys - two teens and a tween - I am as guilty as the next mom of being (at times) overprotective, of (sometimes) coddling, of (on occasion) hovering like the very incarnation of that awful term, Helicopter Parent. more

Politics for 10 Year Olds.

The California gubernatorial race this past election was ugly and full of negative character assaults and political ads that addressed personal issues rather than issues of social, educational, or environmental concern. more

"Mama Grizzlies" vs. Actual Families.

A recent Newsweek cover pictured Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, Michele Bachmann and Nikki Haley - four GOP "Tea Party" members and past or present political candidates - in matching Republican-red jackets. more

The Teen Verdict on Vegas: "A Skeeze-Fried Hellhole."

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is a familiar phrase. I remember another saying from my childhood, displayed on a poster by my anti-Vietnam-war parents circa 1970: "War is not healthy for children or other living things." more


My girlfriend sent me a message on Facebook: "I can’t believe you let Katie get a tattoo!" My friend has small kids all under the age of 10, so I understood her shock. My reply was simple: I didn’t let her. I didn’t even approve…but I did support her. more

Who Gets to Define a Family?

Imagine this scenario: your child comes to you, years from now, and tells you he is gay. (I know, many of you are parents of very young children - just bear with me.) Then a few years later, he falls in love and tells you he wants to marry his boyfriend. more

Is There A Camera Crew In Your Child’s Future?

While at the gym yesterday, one of the Pussycat Dolls’ songs came on my iPod. My teenage daughter keeps me hip by adding songs I normally wouldn’t choose, and as I listened to “When I Grow Up”, I realized how becoming famous is replacing so many other goals for kids. more

The Dreaded Buzz Cut.

Two days ago, my 11-year-old son, Henry, got his first buzz cut, and I cried my eyes out about it. "It's just hair," my husband said in an attempt to console me, "it'll grow back." I know this, and yet I feel devastated by this loss. What's going on here? more

My Teenage Mom and Me.

Teen pregnancy is a hot Hollywood storyline at the moment. Shows like MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, ABC’s The Secret Life of An American Teenager, and Fox’s Glee all showcase the topic. Bristol Palin, the most recent celebrity teen mom, is also doing a great job of making teen parenting seem glamorous. more

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