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Do you pay attention to how the mom characters are portrayed on your favorite TV shows? Loathe the so-called "mommy wars" on which the news media love to focus? Each week, Meredith O'Brien's Working Moms in Pop Culture & Politics column provides a reality check on how TV shows, movies, and the media depict moms. A longtime journalist and mother of three, Meredith O'Brien formerly taught journalism at the University of Massachusetts, is the author of A Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum and writes the Picket Fence Post blog for GateHouse Media. Follow Meredith on Twitter: @MeredithOBrien

Summer Televison Preview.

Okay, so we TV addicts are still feeling a tad melancholy about the fact that many of our favorite TV shows have wrapped for the season, not to return with new episodes until late September or early October. And some shows, like Lost, 24 and The New Adventures of Old Christine, aren’t going to return at all. (*sniff*) more

Sex and the City 2: Sexist Reviews, O.K. Show.

*Warning, minor Sex and the City 2 spoilers ahead*
Okay, so it wasn’t as bad as ALL THAT. It wasn’t Glitter for God’s sake. Geez film reviewers, hate much? more

Parenting Teens in Prime Time.

I used to watch the Gilmore Girls (still do in repeats) and coveted the relationship between Lorelai Gilmore and her teenage daughter Rory. My 11-year-old daughter and I have spent many an hour bonding while watching episodes of the show, talking about how we’d handle the various situations that cropped up between the Stars Hollow ladies. more

The Maternal Wall.

When CBS’ The Good Wife commenced its first season this fall, it began with Alicia Florrick -- who’d left the legal profession for more than a decade in order to raise her two children and support her husband Peter’s political career -- being compelled to return to the work force. more

Friday Night Lights Has Heart.

When I’d tell my journalism students at the University of Massachusetts that I’d assigned them to read the book Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger -- a non-fiction account of the 1988 football season at a Texas high school -- some of my students would cringe, particularly those who weren’t particularly fond of sports. more

Parenthood Continues to Please.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about two portraits the NBC drama Parenthood offered of mothers and work. They depicted a married lawyer and mom of one Julia Braverman-Graham as a workaholic whose at-home husband takes care of their daughter. Meanwhile her married at-home sister-in-law and mother of two, Kristina Braverman, is constantly being dissed by her 15-year-old daughter for not having a job. more

Smorgasbord of Prime-Time Mom Fodder.

Okay everybody, a few, disparate items are on the moms in pop culture & politics agenda this week, so grab your coffee mug (or martini glass or wine glass, whatever floats your boat while you peruse the Mommy Tracked web site): more

Parenthood Examines Working Moms.

After spending several weeks focusing on the challenges of a working mom, a recent episode of the new and somewhat uneven NBC drama Parenthood delivered a complicated take on a mother who seems conflicted about having left her career to raise her children. more

Army Comes First; then the Wife.

When she had her own radio show on the Army post called, “Have At It,” former Boston cop Pamela Moran fielded on-air calls from fellow Army wives about their lives, problems and dreams. During one radio show, Pamela listened impatiently as a caller said she was tired of her career coming in second behind her husband’s, behind the Army. more

Prime Time Sympathy for Parents.

The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, entitled “Sympathy for the Parents” was all about, you guessed it, parenting: Good, doting, loving parents and abusive, withholding, cruel, absentee parents. more

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