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Do you pay attention to how the mom characters are portrayed on your favorite TV shows? Loathe the so-called "mommy wars" on which the news media love to focus? Each week, Meredith O'Brien's Working Moms in Pop Culture & Politics column provides a reality check on how TV shows, movies, and the media depict moms. A longtime journalist and mother of three, Meredith O'Brien formerly taught journalism at the University of Massachusetts, is the author of A Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum and writes the Picket Fence Post blog for GateHouse Media. Follow Meredith on Twitter: @MeredithOBrien

Doing Divorce in Prime-Time.

They’re some of the more difficult scenes to watch: Those involving the depiction of children experiencing the impact of their parents’ divorce. In the season finale of Mad Men last year, set in 1963, Don and Betty Draper had to sit their two young children, Sally and Bobby, down and tell them they were divorcing. more

Family Struggles and Successes.

*Warning: Mild spoilers ahead from The Kids Are All Right
.*When my husband and I left the theater at the end of The Kids Are All Right we were in agreement: more

Single Parents and Army Deployment.

A recent storyline on Army Wives dramatized the plight of the military’s single parents – who become single parents after having joining the armed services – and how difficult it is for them to find childcare for their offspring when they’re slated to deploy abroad and can’t take the kid with them. more

Friday Night Lights: Pregnancy, Abortion, and Responsibility.

It’s been a compelling, controversial storyline nominally about abortion but more, I think, about mothers: Mothers of teens, a woman who was a teen mom and a teen who was almost a mother. more

Eagerly Awaiting Mad Men.

I’ve been waiting impatiently for July 25 to hurry up and get here. That’s the day when the best show on TV starts airing new episodes. I’m talking, of course, about AMC’s Mad Men. more

Parents at the Emmys.

When the Emmy nominations were announced last week, I was taking a good look at which actors and actresses were nominated for what roles when something jumped out at me: The list included a whole lot of characters who play parents on TV. more

Eclipse: The Best So Far.

Putting aside the handsome chivalrous vampire/ripped boyish werewolf/confused human teenaged gal love triangle for just a moment, first things first. The Twi-moms in the house likely want to know the answer to this question: Is Eclipse any good? more

Army Wives, Working Women.

When Army Wives began airing on Lifetime in 2007, of the drama’s five wives, only two were employed outside the home. more

Fighting over Feminism.

Mention Sarah Palin and half the people with whom you’re speaking may recoil and the other half may smile, as the working mother of five -- including a toddler -- former vice presidential nominee serves as a living, breathing Rorschach test for what it means to be a powerful woman in politics. more

thirtysomething: Third Time Definitely a Charm.

After I wrote up my suggestions as to what new TV fare could entertain you this summer, I spent some quality time watching the newly released thirtysomething season three DVD set and thoroughly enjoyed myself. more

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