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Do you pay attention to how the mom characters are portrayed on your favorite TV shows? Loathe the so-called "mommy wars" on which the news media love to focus? Each week, Meredith O'Brien's Working Moms in Pop Culture & Politics column provides a reality check on how TV shows, movies, and the media depict moms. A longtime journalist and mother of three, Meredith O'Brien formerly taught journalism at the University of Massachusetts, is the author of A Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum and writes the Picket Fence Post blog for GateHouse Media. Follow Meredith on Twitter: @MeredithOBrien

Best of Fall Television

Looking forward to the return of your favorite shows? Don't miss these "Best of Fall Television" recaps and reviews! more

Waiting For The Back-To-School Tsunami To Hit

I feel as though I’m standing on a beach looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. My feet are turning pink, and tingling as the cold tide washes over them, lodging pebbles and small stones in between my toes as the water is pulled back in preparation for the next rush of water. Yet I can see it in the distance. That giant wave. With my name on it. more

Compelling Tales of Infertility and Breastfeeding

How much thought have you given to the plight of infertile women who seek out an egg donor and then a gestational surrogate to carry their baby? Or how about to the oftentimes acrimonious, bitter battles mothers sometimes wage against one another over the issue of breastfeeding? Writers Jennifer Weiner and Joanna Weiss have been thinking a great deal about these subjects. Their new books, Then Came You and Milkshake cleverly and empathetically put these maternal powder-keg issues under the microscope. more

Well Behaved Children Welcome. The Rest Will be Made Into Pies.

Well behaved children welcome. The rest will be made into pies. I found that wry sign mounted on the outside of a Cape Cod pie shop -- a clever reference to the Sing a Song of Sixpence childhood rhyme, only with a sick Jonathan Swift twist -- amusing, so I asked my three kids to pose next to it while my husband took a photo. more

Why I Say No, Even It If Makes Me An Uncool Mom

The world in which I’m raising my three kids sometimes feels as though it’s upside-down and I wonder if it’s just me who feels as though it’s incredibly difficult to provide my children with the tools they need to thrive in 2011 and beyond. Sometimes I’m concerned that because I insist that my kids demonstrate good manners, be kind to others, learn to be grateful and recognize that the world doesn’t revolve around them (this one’s very hard to accomplish), that I’m somehow hamstringing them as compared to their peers. more

The Case for Having Only One Child

Several weeks ago, I gave George Mason University economics professor Bryan Caplan’s book, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids a look. Caplan offered go-against-the-grain opinions as to why he thinks it’s a fabulous idea to go forth and multiply and have more than just two kids. more

Cheering On Team USA with my Daughter

After the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 40 years, Boston celebrated this past June with a grand parade attended by nearly 1 million people, including my husband and our 9-year-old hockey fan/player. While I watched the celebration on TV with my 12-year-old boy-girl twins, my daughter asked me if there has ever been a parade to celebrate a women’s team’s victory. more

The Magical Message Harry Potter Shares With Our Kids

It all comes to an end on July 15, the Harry Potter saga that is. Sure, we’ve known the fate of our beloved Hogwarts students and faculty, of the Death Eaters and the members of the Order of the Phoenix since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published in 2007. more

Obsession with Our Children's Happiness Could Doom Them

I’ve been doing it all wrong.

This whole parenting gig.

Seriously. more

Saying NO to Summer Sports

The Little League season was just wrapping up and the fantastically brief (thank God) playoffs were days away when the questions started coming at me, rapid-fire, while I sat on the metal bleachers or leaned against the chain-link fence behind home plate or lingered in the dugout area: Is your son playing summer baseball? more

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