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Do you pay attention to how the mom characters are portrayed on your favorite TV shows? Loathe the so-called "mommy wars" on which the news media love to focus? Each week, Meredith O'Brien's Working Moms in Pop Culture & Politics column provides a reality check on how TV shows, movies, and the media depict moms. A longtime journalist and mother of three, Meredith O'Brien formerly taught journalism at the University of Massachusetts, is the author of A Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum and writes the Picket Fence Post blog for GateHouse Media. Follow Meredith on Twitter: @MeredithOBrien

Global Fashion Stimulus Program.

The recent, high-profile G-20 summit in London left me feeling distinctly dissatisfied. While many lauded the American president for charming his peers and helping to smooth over differences between them with his well honed listening skills and his rock star smile, I was busy paying rapt attention to the goings-on, the IMPORTANT goings-on: The clothing choices made by the heads of state. more

Friday Night Lights Up.

Didya hear some shoutin’ last week? That was me, loudly cheering after the suits at NBC gave the critically lauded yet ratings challenged Friday Night Lights a green light for not just one, but two more seasons. Huzzah for lovers of gripping television. more

I'm Glad I'm Not Them.

HBO’s Big Love just concluded its third season while Showtime’s United States of Tara, created by Oscar winning writer Diablo Cody (the genius behind Juno), is wrapping up its first. When I watched these two dramas over the winter, one thought kept popping up in my mind, “I’m damned glad I’m not any of these women.” more


This is not a column about Michelle Obama’s bare arms. God no. It’s not going to prattle on about her clothes and shoes either because, frankly I don’t really care what the First Lady wears. more

Funny Ladies.

As a news junkie, I voraciously consume stories in newspapers, TV news segments, talk radio shows and content on news/commentary web sites. Most of what I’ve been reading and hearing in recent weeks, to be honest, has been downright depressing. more

Pesky Parental Priorities.

If you go by recent episodes of ABC’s Brothers & Sisters and TNT’s new show Trust Me, we still live in a culture where men can have kids and not have fatherhood affect their careers, while women sustain substantial career setbacks once they have children. more

Everything's Right in This World.

Bringing my twin 10-year-olds to see the stop-action animated film Coraline was one of the best things I could’ve done to help them see my work-from-home arrangement from a different perspective . . . and perhaps be a little easier on their mom. more

Watch TV -- It's Free.

While the media serve up daily helpings of downer economic news and folks worry about whether they’ll be able to keep their jobs, people have started hunkering down in their homes. Instead of going out to restaurants and live performances, they’re opting for a movie from Netflix, or whatever’s on TV. more

Suburban Sisterhood of Misery.

When I left the theater immediately after seeing the Kate Winslet/Leo DiCaprio downer Revolutionary Road, I thought that those who’d compared the film, set in the 1950s, to the TV drama Mad Men, set in the 1960s, were off the mark. more

Martyr in the House.

House would seem like the last place one would go to find a brutally honest, scarily unflattering portrait of the sometimes complex emotions that accompany modern motherhood. Well, I suppose the Fox drama is the place to find all things brutally honest and scarily unflattering portraits of people, like the chief character Dr. Gregory House. But it hasn’t focused on the experiences of a mother, especially one trying to work and raise a baby. Until now. more

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