Christie Mellor
Welcome to a judgment free vent zone. Christie Mellor is the author of The Three Martini Playdate and The Three Martini Family Vacation. She has received enthusiastic reviews from dozens of media outlets, including Newsweek, People, US Weekly and Playboy. Christie lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her two boys and a couple of high-strung ducks. She likes her martinis extremely well chilled.

Dragons and Vampires and Knights, Oh My!

I remember when my oldest boy devoured the entire “Redwall” series. Thirteen, fourteen books. He read them two, possibly three times, all the way through. He begged me to read them too (because really, I never have enough to do) —so I picked up the first one, in solidarity. more

Ready, Set, Don't Grow.

So I’m in the middle of writing a piece for Mommy Track’d. And it’s a fine piece. It’s nice. It’s friendly. Very amusing. Haha! But basically I’m writing on automatic with a giant crick in my neck, because the real story is, I’m leaving town tomorrow. more

As Serious as a Heart Attack.

No, it really wasn’t entirely the excitement of the Obama win that has kept me from putting pen to paper or sitting down to my computer with a cup of coffee and tapping out a few pithy sentences. A little more than a week before the election, my husband Richard came home from a weekend trip and promptly had a heart attack. more

A Trip Outside Our Bubble.

I am a little pent-up. Okay, pent-up is a not quite it. I’m a wreck. I go to sleep thinking about votes flipping in West Virginia, I wake up worrying about vote caging in Ohio. more

Three-Martini Mom, a Tool of the Right.

Not long after I wrote "The Three-Martini Playdate", I was reviewed in "The Weekly Standard,” which I soon discovered to be a scathingly right-wing neo-conservative rag, a publication with which I vociferously disagreed in all matters. more

Voting Like It's 1999.

So. The Palin. Now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor and have stopped the incessant head-shaking and screaming to the heavens, I can finally weigh in on this. more

Imagination and a Martini.

With the economy in the tank, I’m suddenly hearing more and more about the “staycation.“ As in, Honey, let’s stay at home this summer, instead of popping off to the Algarve, or driving to the Oregon coast. Or, in fact, driving our Land Rover to the beach, because that now costs about ninety bucks for the fifteen minutes it’ll take to get there. more

Eco Smackdown.

*A note from the author: Well, now I’ve gone and done it. I wrote this piece a few days ago, and was tinkering with it, when Amy Keroes, editor of Mommy Track’d, asked what my new topic was going to be. “Well, it’s a rant,” I said. Rather smugly, I’m sure. “About SUVs, and some other stuff.” And then she said, oh good, it would fit right in with Risa Green’s piece. Had I read Risa Green’s piece? more

Road Trip!

Being on the road with the family is a test of wills, a test of manners, and a test of endurance. But it’s summer! And isn’t it fun to pile in the car with a load of sleeping bags and a deck of cards? And doesn’t it add to the excitement when, an hour out of town, you start hearing that weird rattle coming from the front wheel-well? And isn’t it fun to take bets with your spouse on how soon the first “Are We There Yet?” is heard?



Well, I guess it was bound to happen. There I was, reading an e-mail from a friend about how he and his wife, a few days before, had been sitting curled up on the sofa watching “Knocked Up,” when they suddenly realized it was their wedding anniversary. Not only had they forgotten their wedding anniversary, they realized that exactly a year before -- on their wedding anniversary -- they’d been watching “Knocked Up.” more

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