F#^*K Facebook: I Have Enough Friends.

Around a year or so ago, an old friend of mine from high school, whom I hear from hardly ever, sent me an email requesting that I join Facebook. Facebook? I thought, with disdain. Seriously? Isn’t that for like, college kids? I deleted it. Then, a few months ago, a friend of mine who lives here in LA mentioned that she’d just joined Facebook and was having a blast with it. Seriously? I said to her. Facebook? Isn’t that for college kids? She assured me that I would be amazed at how many people our age are on there. Okay, I said, but still. Isn’t it really meant for college kids? I mean, isn’t going on Facebook at our age kind of like going shopping at Forever 21? And do I really want to have to make virtual small talk with every person I’ve ever known in my entire life? She tried to convince me that it wasn’t like that, but I held firm. By mid-summer, however, the pressure was mounting. Suddenly, wherever I went, everyone I knew was talking about Facebook, and I was starting to feel like I was only one who wasn’t in on all of the fun. Okay, okay, I thought. I’ll do it.


I joined during the last few weeks of August – that blissful time of the year between camp and school, when you’re just hanging out with your kids and have nowhere to go and nowhere to be – and almost immediately, I became obsessed. Oh, my God! There’s that cute guy who moved to Ohio in 8th grade! Oh, my God! There’s the girl I used to play with every weekend at the shore! Oh, my God! There’s a group of every person I went to camp with in 1985! I was manic in my Friending, and I often stayed up until one or two in the morning, searching for names I hadn’t thought of in twenty, sometimes thirty years. I posted status updates once, sometimes twice a day – Risa Green is so ready for school to start! Risa Green just cleaned out her car and found three years worth of Cheerios and Goldfish between the seats! Risa Green thinks roasted marshmallows on a chocolate chip cookie are better than roasted marshmallows on a graham cracker! – and all day long, my Blackberry buzzed like a little bee with email notifications of Friend requests and inbox messages.


And then September rolled around, and my life slammed into me like a truck going ninety miles per hour. Now, there was carpool to drive and lunches to make and after school activities to go to. There was homework to supervise and – oh, yeah – a book to finish writing, and dinners to cook and doctors appointments to make, and suddenly, the Friend requests and the in-box messages and the status notifications were all starting to feel like just another chore. You see, I emailed my (real) friend who first dragged me into all of this. It is for college kids. They’re the only ones who have the kind of time for this kind of time suck.



i have actually found a lot of friends on facebook that i have lost touch with throughout the years... i don't have that much time to look at it but it's fun when i do get a chance... :)


I am an internet marketer and recently launched a blog for my group of hotels. I am supposed to be all over social media, web 2.0, etc.

So I did join LinkedIn and find it useful for keeping up with old colleagues and I'd like to think that I'm the same person now that I was when I began my post college career - so no teenage drama.

Four years ago I spent a few hours designing a MySpace page. When I showed it to my husband he instantly told me that MySpace is for single people or those still caught up in high school. I realized that he was totally right and removed the page immediately. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's just not for me.

Now folks are trying to convince me that Face book is a cross between LinkedIn and MySpace and that my company needs a face book page especially since we have a blog.

I can hardly handle this blog let alone all my incoming email and voicemail. For now, I'm still "opting out" of linked in and MySpace.


I've been trying to get on Facebook,but they keep telling me that they can't accept my name. They say if you get this message to write an e-mail to them and they will help you. I've also done this several times. Guess I'm not suppose to have an account with them. Just wish I knew why. Anyone else go through this? Thx 4 any help!!!


ris- i was caught unfriending people!!!!


Well, I for one am addicted to facebook and twitter, but I do have to say that it may lead me to a successful venture, and helped me raise awareness of our little Renaissance Faire in Norton, MA. Without facebook, I would not have had as many networking opportunities, and I don't mind all the friends, so if you were friends, and want to be mine, you can be my friend.


I joined to find out what social networking was all about when my company decided to build a network for professionals in our industry. I joined LinkedIn at the same time. I felt funny as a thirty-something on FB at first. But I have to admit, so far I love connecting with old friends. One thing I could do without on FB is apps! Holy cow are those annoying. All the requests I get for "Little Green Patch" or "Top Friends" and numerous others actually make me stress a little bit. I finally just started ignoring most of them. Another plus to doing this stuff is staying current on what is going on with the web and the way kids socialize. Granted, when my daughter is older I will try to monitor her activities online, but eventually she will be old enough to do this stuff on her own. I'd like to have a clue what she's finding out there!


I, too, have been getting pressure to join Facebook. But no way, no how will I ever join it, MySpace or any of the other similar sites. They must have their strong points, but all I can focus on is the intensity they needlessly bring to teenage drama and cyber bullying. I refuse to promote, condone or participate on sites where such behavior is permitted. Oh, and also I can barely keep up with the friends I already have!


A. Facebook allows me to see what's going on with people without having to go to the reunion.

B. I don't do the Facebook for babies... but I do write a blog in my kid's voice. It started when she was born to make writing it more interesting. It also kept the family up to date without writing boring things like "My daughter had her first step, we are excited." Looking at it through her eyes was much more amusing to me. I've had a really great time with it, plus I can look back easily and it's less work than a scrapbook. Here's the website if you are interested: www.sadieangelica.blogspot.com


I am on my space. I feel like an idiot really. I am 24 married and have a kindergartner. I never have time to update it. I have like 0 friends, I have found some people from high school but I have had no desire to talk to them since I moved away and quit partying. Some are clean though, so I have found out good things about them. I agree I am a mom and work full time, I cannot keep it updated, and really dont care to.


I love this post it is so true I had that problem with myspace but with drama!