Cadillac in the Cracker Jack Box.

Open the paper, click on a newsite, turn on a tv or radio, and today’s terrible economic news dominates. As it should, I guess. We are all feeling the financial crush. But as usual, there IS a silver lining: we are all dissecting “the mommy wars” yet again – battles that have little do to with working v. stay-at-home moms and everything to do with how our society views women’s roles.


Could it be that today’s troubles are remaking American families and gender responsibilities, especially with the news that 82% of the 2.5 million jobs lost since October have been jobs held by men? Our societal transformation remains to be seen. But at least we are talking about the real issues, and talk IS good, especially from the following smarties:


Mommy Trackd’s own Amy Keroes said in USA Today’s “Women step up as men lose jobs


"How interesting that four months of a terrible economy could in a way prove to have more impact than four decades of feminism," says Amy Keroes, founder of, a networking site for working mothers. "Women who are primary breadwinners say they're proud to be that, but at the same time there's also a longing to be home…The economy has simply taken choices away from people."


Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober, authors of Getting to 50/50, told The Today Show that “families thrive not in spite of working mothers, but because of them.” Yo, Joanna and Sharon! Could it be that working moms emerge as heroes in this lousy economy?