Designing a Vice-Presidential Candidate.

Did they expect her to accept the nomination for the vice presidency while wearing a fleece vest or something with a down liner from the North Face? Do interviews with network news anchors while clad in denim? Maybe with a stained burp cloth tossed over her shoulder?


A woman. Forty-four years old. Just had a baby – her fifth – this spring. She’s a governor. From Alaska. And she needed to look like she could feasibly be the leader of the free world.


Once they set foot in the national spotlight, political women have plenty of obstacles in front of them. But when you’re GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and people are openly questioning and mocking your qualifications and knowledge, you’ve at least got to look as though you’d be at ease in a cabinet meeting, not just while you’re out in the wild hunting moose.


The kerfuffle over the $150,000 Republican National Committee staffers spent on clothing and makeup on behalf of Palin is, at best, a distraction. In order to present a polished VP candidate to the country, RNC staffers bought her a bunch of high-priced clothing so she’d look stupendous on TV. Which she does. In fact, I’m jealous. Several months after giving birth to my children, I definitely didn’t look like Palin. (Still don’t.) And $150,000 IS a massive amount of money, cash I certainly don’t have lying around to spend on beautiful duds made just for me. But then again, I’m just Meredith the Writer; I’m not running for the second highest office in the land.


Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama, meanwhile, looks quite debonair in his $1,500 suits which move fluidly with him. His wife Michelle O has already been lionized as a fashion icon in the mode of Jackie O and doesn’t exactly pinch pennies when it comes to her clothing, nor does Cindy McCain, who reportedly shelled out $300,000 for a single outfit for the Republican National Convention. Earlier this summer, the Huffington Post wrote that John McCain was campaigning in $520 loafers. The Palins aren’t as wealthy as the McCains or the Obamas, so the RNC bought the clothing for Sarah, which will be donated to charity after the election. (New York Magazine did a frighteningly detailed analysis of how easy it is to spend a massive chunk of cash on designer clothing.)


Rather than discussing her wardrobe, let's talk about her qualifications. Let's talk about her positions. Better yet, let's talk about the PRESIDENTIAL candidate's positions. We don't get to cast our votes for the Vice President, we cast our votes for the President. While I'm glad her nomination has increased voter interest, it's the big guys we need to be examining with a microscope more than their running mates. Seriously, does anyone even CARE what Joe Biden wears?


How can a woman who does stay at home not like
what Sarah Palin stands for? How can a woman not agree with her bringing a child into life knowing that this child has strikes against it?
We should be behind her and cheering for her. Her husband supports her. He helps her. Plus, she has an appeal as a role model to our children. She has morals, and stands up for what she believes in. She has a wardrobe to die for. Thank the RNC for buying her clothes to show that they support her too. WOW, think
about all the lives she can touch.


This was just another media blitz against Sarah Palin. If anyone ran an article that Michelle Obama spent $150,000 for outfits it would have been slanted into a fashion piece.
It's all about the spin, people, learn to read between the lines and think for yourselves.


I don't think there is anything wrong with exposing and criticizing Sarah Palin's wardrobe expenditures. As a public figure she is putting herself out there, everything will be exposed. I think it's ridiculous the amount of money she spent on her wardrobe. So many Americans are suffering financially I don't think she or her party are sending a good message by blowing 150k on clothes. That goes for all of them not just Sarah Palin but she was the one targeted.

Oh, and donate it to charity?!give me a break. Yeah, anybody that needs charity could sure use thousand dollar suits. puhhlease.


I think it is significant that we talk about Sarah Palin's designer wardrobe because it indicates what a phony she is. She is trying to pass herself off as a Wal-Mart mom and she's wearing Valentino? B-t-w, she's running for Vice president, not president.


I agree that that she should have a presidential wardrobe. What bothers me is that like neuromum, I dislike her political positions. Even all dressed up, I can find nothing I admire about this woman.


Although I do feel they could have been a tad more frugal with the clothing choices (just think how many tired moms could be made over with $150,000!) I do agree that the focus on this stuff is annoying. She's running for President. She needs to look sharp. Really sharp. With only 6 more days to go, it would be totally awesome to see the media focus on more important stuff.


I don't think a huge fuss should be made over this, but I do think it's germane. The donors to the Republican campaign are paying for her duds, after all. What I would like to know is, do they also pay for John McCain's? (And ditto for the Democratic campaign and Obama and Biden.) Also, one would assume that Palin had a somewhat decent wardrobe in order to present a proper image as governor. After all, that's executive experience, too, right?


I agree: criticisms about Palin's wardrobe expenses are unwarranted and possibly sexist. And I'm not worried that a new baby would impair her ability to govern either. If only I didn't dislike her political position on just about everything, I would vote for her in a second!