Celebrity Soundbites

Terry Hatcher - Celebrity Mom:

"I'm really clear about my priority in my life - it's being a mom. I have enough difficulty balancing doing the show for ten and a half months with being a mom the way I want to be. I love doing films, and I'd like to do that, but I wouldn't like to do it more than I'd like to be my daughter's mother. I threw an enormous Halloween party last year; I built a huge maze with corn and hay, and cooked jambalaya. That's what I should do; I should be a party planner. I'll work a 14-hour day, four days in a row and feel like I've been run over. But I don't call it tired, I call it, 'Nothing is right, and I'm no good at my job and I'm horrible and no one will ever love me.' This is a serial problem for mothers. We're trying to be everything all the time. The best mom, the best worker, the best wife or the best dater. And it's too much."