Celebrity Soundbites

Naomi Watts:

"I want to be a good mum. I'm not quite sure exactly what that [statement] means to me. But I've got friends who have given everything to be there for their family, but I've always wondered, are they at peace with themselves? I think balancing career and family is just one of those things you have to work out as you go along. I think it's important to keep growing as a human being and to take care of your own needs as well as your family's but I don't know if you should abandon your own life for your child's. I love my work, and if it were just a job to me, I 'd be happy to leave it behind. But it's not. [Returning to work] won't be easy because I am breastfeeding. But I'm committed to my work. I love it. It keeps me alive. Besides, I feel if I'm feeding myself creatively, I'm also feeding my child in a creative way. I think the two of us can keep working, but always with the idea of being together as much as possible as a family. In the end, I think there is no right way. You have to figure out what's right for you as you go along."