Celebrity Soundbites

Mira Sorvino :

"I hate it. I feel so guilty because my kids cry so hard when I go to work. I know there are millions and millions of working women out in the world who face this same dilemma, but it just kind of kills me, and I don't know what to do about it. . I've tried to make it as much fun for them as possible on the set. I went to FAO Schwarz and got all these things to make the trailer as fun and club-housey as possible. I made a tent with fabric, bought a beanbag chair and put together an art table where my daughter could paint. But days on the set are a minimum of 12 hours and that's hard for them. I'd love it If I was independently wealthy and could stop acting and just focus on being a mom and activism."

Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino:

"I think I find in my own life, it’s a terrible conflict, when you have children, to leave them for any length of time to go to work . . I never actually leave my children…They always come with me. But I still despair at walking away from them for a long day of work. I try and make their lives as educational and fun and as close to me as possible whenever I’m working. So it’s a real balancing act.”