Celebrity Soundbites

Marcia Cross :

"I felt like I couldn't really go after movies and further my career. I needed to have my family first. I mean I could win an Oscar, but who cares if I don't have my family? I still want to work and be creative. Anything I do is much richer now."

Marcia Cross:

"I had them come with me [to work] last week. I think if I have one full day, then the next day they have to come with me [to work] because I can't not see them for that long. When they're with me [at work], that's challenging, but when they're not with me ... I'm a new mother, that's what it is, it's all challenging,"

Marcia Cross :

"My biggest dilemma is getting home for bath time. If I have two long work days in a row, it's too long for us to be apart."