Celebrity Soundbites

Kelly Ripa :

"I'm lucky to have my job, but it has never been the central nervous system of my life. My husband and children and parents are."

Kelly Ripa:

"We try to have quality time together.  We go to the park.  We go to the beach, even when it is cold.  I consider myself to be very hands-on.  I really enjoy spending time with my kids.  I like picking them up from school and putting them in the bath."

Kelly Ripa:

"Being a mother is the hardest full-time job.  I feel so overwhelmed by it.  I am lucky because I have time with my kids now, and I can afford to have help.  I'm always amazed by single mothers who work multiple jobs and have no help.  I'm fortunate to be blessed with a job that's not really labor intensive.  I'm [at Live with Regis and Kelly] at 8 a.m. and done by 10 a.m."

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa:

" I feel like women are a role model to me. I'm constantly meeting working moms in my audience who achieve so much in their lives that I feel encouraged and empowered by them. We're all going through the motions of working and raising our children and being good wives -- as best we can. ... I don't know if I [juggle family and career] particularly well. I try my hardest at work and at home. I'm very lucky in that I have the best hours a person could hope for; I get to pick my kids up every day from school and take them to all their activities. I'm able to devote the time that I think they need."