Celebrity Soundbites

Elizabeth Vargas:

"Every working mother faces my dilemna.  I can't think of a single one of them who has ever said, 'It's easy.'  It's not.  But I would bet that every single one would tell you it's worth it.  It's really important to let every woman find her way.  And it would be great to support their decisions, whether its to take two years off or to take six weeks off.  Working mothers have a hard enough time as it is, wearing a zillion hats and juggling all these balls, and meeting  a lot of people's expectations.  What we don't need to do is pile on more pressure, and insist that she do it the way we would do it.  Let her figure out the best way for her.  [In response to the question: So in your 20/20 special, when you examine the issue of whether women -- even women with fame, prestige, and plenty of money -- can have it all, your answer would be . . . ]  No!