The Best Graduation Gift Ever.

by Christie Mellor


It’s spring! Spring! Just a few more months of school! The sun is shining on a more regular basis, graduation is in spitting distance, and my son got into his college of choice. Not that it wasn’t GREAT fun waiting for the news, in the midst of draconian budget cuts and universities slashing their acceptance rates to all-time lows. So, that’s certainly a big load off.


Some of us are sending our sons and daughters off to college. Some of us will be welcoming them home. Some of you didn’t read my book Raised by Wolves on its first go-round, because your children aren’t yet out of the house, and the book was mostly meant for those twenty-somethings who may have left the nest but are still not quite as self-sufficient as one might hope. But in rereading it recently, I realized that it could be useful not only for the adult child who is on his own but also for those parents whose kids are still at home. Because – as perhaps you’ve heard me mention – if you give your children the tools to be self-sufficient and independent NOW, they have a much better shot at growing up to be charming and pleasant adults. Charming and pleasant adults who may even know how to clean a toilet and make a bed. And if you’re looking for a nice graduation gift – Raised by Wolves will be on bookstore shelves – in budget-friendly paperback! – on June 1, 2010. Or you could just print out the following excerpt and casually leave it lying around the house:


Your Very Caring Parents:
Cutting Yourself Off Life Support


Why do you leave your crumbs all over the counter after you toast your bagel? Do you imagine that your invisible mommy will be cleaning up after you? Not to say that this is entirely your fault. Apparently Mommy and Daddy loved you so much they thought they would make your life easier by doing everything for you.


Your post is so timely! A coworker and I were just talking yesterday about his recent high school graduate who's still at home. I've sent them the excerpt and recommendation and hope it will help their son start finding his path in life...or at least give him a good read. :)