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Celebrity Mom Quotes

Mira Sorvino :

"I hate it. I feel so guilty because my kids cry so hard when I go to work. I know there are millions and millions of working women out in the world who face this same dilemma, but it just kind of kills me, and I don't know what to do about it. . I've tried to make it as much fun for them as possible on the set. I went to FAO Schwarz and got all these things to make the trailer as fun and club-housey as possible. I made a tent with fabric, bought a beanbag chair and put together an art table where my daughter could paint. But days on the set are a minimum of 12 hours and that's hard for them. I'd love it If I was independently wealthy and could stop acting and just focus on being a mom and activism."

Jennifer Garner :

"I love my job so much that I'd always assumed work would continue to be as important to me. But I don't want to miss a second with Violet. Even this morning, leaving her in her high chair, going 'Mama! Up, up!' I had to tear myself away. I'm certainly not the first person to feel that way about her chlid -- and she doesn't care if I work. I'm the one who misses her like a love-struck teenager."

Gwyneth Paltrow:

"I'm not going to work like I did before I had kids. I want to call Kate Winslet and say, 'can you tell me how to do this?' Or call Cate Blanchett and ask her to describe her day from 7 a.m. on, and tell me what to do, because I don't know how to do this."

Bryce Dallas Howard:

[On parenting advice from her parents] "And this is actually advice that my parents gave to me. They said ‘with children’, they have four kids, ‘you really have to be adaptable’, especially if you’re going to have more than one child which, hopefully, I do, I have to see, kid by kid, what their needs are and what kind of a parent I need to be for them. So, of course, I’m re-assessing everything right now. I want to work and, simply put, I need to work and so I will. I’ll be a working mother but what kind of a working mother I am will be dictated by him as he grows."

Katie Couric:

[About her nanny] "We always joke in our household that the girls have two mommies, that we're a family, but a different kind of family.  But seriously, I couldn't be me without [our nanny]. And by the way, she rules with an iron fist."

Marcia Cross :

"I felt like I couldn't really go after movies and further my career. I needed to have my family first. I mean I could win an Oscar, but who cares if I don't have my family? I still want to work and be creative. Anything I do is much richer now."

Tina Fey:

"The ideal situation for a parent is one that no one has - having a fulfilling job that requires you to work three days a week. It's better for the parents, because they get to spend time with the children and also have a source of pride and achievement - and income - outside the home."

Kate Hudson:

"I go work as hard as I can -- then I go home and live my life."

Kelly Ripa :

"I'm lucky to have my job, but it has never been the central nervous system of my life. My husband and children and parents are."

Courteney Cox :

"I waited a while after Coco was born to work. I had no intention of doing a television show. But once I read this script [for Dirt], I thought, 'oh, I have to do it because it is so good.' It's so rare to read something you connect to. Now Coco is 2 1/2 and going to school, and this just kind of enriches my life. She's such a cool kid. She doesn't inhibit me from doing anything."

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