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Christina Aguilera:

"I want to get it right - balance [motherhood] with my career."

Shirley Maclaine:

"My greatest regret is not spending more time with my daughter when I was working."

Pamela Anderson:

"I'm a responsible, devoted mom. I'm in love and my work is fun and creative. I'm healthy. I'm having the best time in my life."

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick:

"I had this dream that when I had my children I was just going to want to be with them, and I wouldn't want to work. And that was sort of this ideal, in a way, based on nothing, because my mom always worked. I had this dream that somehow I'd be so fulfilled, and I wouldn't need to work. I bought into this ideal that one should just stay home and be with one's children, that that should be enough.

It's taken me a really long time to embrace my ambition and to embrace my need to express myself and to accept it in a loving way as part of who I am instead of putting myself down for it. While I was home a great deal, I was working sometimes, and I always had a lot of guilt about that. I gave myself an incredibly hard time about work.

And if there's anything I wish I could look back on and change about my life, it's that I wish I hadn't given myself such a hard time."

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Halle Berry:

"I want to keep working, but my dream is to become the mother I am dreaming to be and I believe I can be, so I'll probably be working on that for the rest of my life."

Kate Hudson:

"I watch my son when he goes on set, and [he] watches what we do. You can't help but be interested in what everybody is doing. I don't think he has any understanding of [it]. I think he's aware that it's mommy's job.

People ask me that, about my parents, growing up. I don't ever remember a defining moment where I understood what my parents did. It was their job, like anybody. Every once in a while, he'll go, 'Oh my God, mommy, you're on TV, you're on TV!'"

Jennifer Lopez:

[In 2000] "Family is the most important thing. Your career has to come second."

Wynonna Judd:

“My life is like this these days: I go from trying to figure out what song I am going to sing for the president to talking with my child about wearing deodorant, to sitting with the goats, to looking at the missing rhinestones (in a stage outfit).  And someone always has to be fed. I am definitely living the working mom’s life.”

Jennifer Garner:

"My job is great to have as a mom, I get to take long breaks and then work hard in a really concentrated way."

Julianne Moore:

"My husband and I are very fortunate, because we have flexible jobs. If you talk to parents, that's what they're trying to do -- have as much flexibility as possible."

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