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Brooke Shields:

“I think that women can have so much more than they realize.  I feel very lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to try to grasp as much as I can in my life. So, I do have a family, and I do have a husband, and I do have a career. And not at one time do I feel that I’m 100 percent in any one [of them]. That means that every day it’s a navigation . . . I understand the desire to be the best mom you can be, but not be happy unless you have a career that fulfills you."

Demi Moore:

"My normal day is, I get up with the kids, take them to school, a few days a week I might do Pilates, reading, meetings, and then we always do family dinner at 6:30."

Katie Holmes:

"I felt that before children I was so into myself, because I had no one else to be into. I just had to take care of me. How can you not be? [Motherhood] divides things. It puts boundaries in your life in a very good way. You know, 'Okay, this is work and I have to be done by this time because I'm not going to be around for this.' It really organizes things--and I really like organization."

Reese Witherspoon:

"Like every working parent, I sometimes feel that there are not enough hours in the day. But overall, I'm very fortunate that my job has a lot of flexibility. I spend a lot of time with the kids, just around the house. They're still pretty young, so I feel like what I can mostly do is listen to them and be there for them.  I had parents who believed I could do anything - and I
know how that made me feel. I think both my parents, having careers in the
medical profession, feel they are helping people on a daily basis, and that
was instilled in me as a value. I had to struggle with giving up the idea of
becoming a doctor myself."

Jennifer Garner:

I’m trying to [juggle it all], but it’s hard: I just had a year off where I put every spoonful of food into Violet’s mouth. Now I’m working and though I’m usually with her more hours than not, some days I just can’t be. That’s hard for me, and for the first time, my daughter.

Luckily my husband is a true partner, and he picks up where I leave off.

Reese Witherspoon:

"It's really difficult.  It's hard with small children.  I do feel
 torn, it's agony.  Any mother or father will know it's so hard to deal
 with the guilt of leaving your kids.  I'm about to start a movie; I'm
 nervous.  I'm trying to work close to home so my kids can stay in
 school and we can have a nice, stable life and don't have to miss
 school and things.  I think it's important to support your children's
 dreams, whatever they're interested in.  I don't know if my children
 will be actors.  They're not interested at all.  My daughter wants to
 be a scientist and my son wants to be a pizza delivery guy.  Okay,
 whatever [they] want to do.  I have a pretty regular life.  I wake up
 the children at six in the morning, get them dressed and get them to
 school.  Children are the great
 equalizer:  It doesn't matter how great you think you are, you're just
 a mom.  It's wonderful; it's really inspiring to me.  I love what I
 do, but it also helps me to not do work I don't feel inspired to do
 because I'd rather be with my children if I can"

Julia Roberts:

"I don't [really talk to my kids about my work]. I haven't had to.

I just say, 'Mommy's going to work,' and they know that my work somehow involves a trailer. But when I played Joanne Herring, we had done some portraits of me, copying pictures of Joanne, to use around her house. So I brought home this picture of me in this emerald-green gown, and I have these big diamonds on and the nails and the whole thing. The picture was sitting on the dining-room table, and Finn and Hazel came to dinner, and Hazel said, 'Oh, look at that picture. Cuckoo Mommy.' I couldn't believe she even knew it was me."

Brooke Shields:

[On her new show Lipstick Jungle]: "[My kids] adapt unbelievably well and I haven't had one issue yet. Rowan loves the wardrobe room because it's like dress up for her. [My character] runs a film studio and has two kids, and that creates a nice conflict. She's a good mom, she's harried all the time, and she's very smart and ambitious and struggling to balance everything."

Angelina Jolie:

"[Managing working motherhood] involves proper scheduling. Obviously, my priorities are my children. They are growing up. I’ll be doing even less work, because that’s what I prefer to do.

As for political activism, I’ve been educating myself on things that are happening around the world. It’s a privilege to be able to do it.

I feel motivated to say or do something because I’m in a position to do so. I’m a mom first. I don’t know if I’m as much an ambassador as I’m a citizen of the world. I just want to learn about the world and its cultures. Lastly, I’m an actress."

Jennifer Garner:

"Ben is totally my partner in the whole thing. He'll be putting Violet to bed while I'm onstage every night -- that's just the kind of father he is."

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