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Sarah Jessica Parker:

"As a working mother, the last thing on my mind when I'm trying to get my son out the door and to school on time is how I look. I still love clothes, but they just don't fit into my life the way they used to. For work, I get to dress up and somebody does my hair and makeup, and its like a little holiday for a few hours. But for everyday, it would be foolish to spend more time on my outfit than I do on my son."

Faith Hill:

"There's no secret when it comes to juggling this career and motherhood.? At the end of the day, I just throw my feet up on the couch and say, 'God, that was a long day! But somehow it all worked.'? There are days when everyone is fussy, fighting and late.? Gracie has long hair, and sometimes it's such a fight to brush it in the morning and get her ready for school.? But I think about the days when she'll be too big and tall.? She won't ever let me brush her hair then, so I enjoy the little moments now even though they're not perfect." (What They Know About Parenting, Jill Kramer)

Julianne Moore:

"My advice for new moms is to take as much time off as you can at the beginning.? That was the best advice I was given.? Take the time because your child will never be that little again.? I took six months with my son, Cal, and a year with Liv."? (What They Know About Parenting, Jill Kramer)

Maria Shriver:

"I look back on having to give up my job, and now I think that was a gift. As a journalist, I was always asking other people questions. But when you turn the questions on yourself, you have to start writing your own life. . . I don't carry just the Kennedy legacy; I carry the Shriver legacy and my husband's legacy. But at some point you say, 'You know what? I need to have a shot at living my own life.' It's my turn. " (More Magazine, May 2008)

Reese Witherspoon:

"I really don't work that much. I try to limit the amount of films I do to one a year. Children are like this great equalizer. It doesn't matter how great you think you are, you're just a mom. It's wonderful and actually really inspiring to me. I want to do good work, because I love what I do, but it also helps me not to do work I don't feel inspired by, because I'd rather be with

my children if I can." Source Star Magazine.

Keri Russell:

"I ain't gonna be taking off anytime soon. I've got a mortgage to pay!" Source Star Magazine.

Tina Fey:

"I think this is ingenious marketing, but that princess thing sets off an alarm bell for me. [I'm afraid] all that might creep back into our culture. That a girl would aspire to be the Little Mermaid, a beautiful redhead with no legs who waits for her prince! Who literally gives up her voice! What are we doing? What is going on? I think my generation has been slightly tricked in that you're really encouraged to try to have it all . . . and sometimes your body will not let you wait as long as you want. I had to get back to work [after Alice was born]. NBC had me under contract; the baby and I only had a verbal agreement. We wrap shooting on a normal day by 7 p.m. Most times, I bring three or four writers home with me. I'll put Alice to bed before they come over, then we'll continue writing until I can no longer stay awake. It's very full. But I would be lying if I said there were not tears involved at home occasionally -- just occasionally. Last spring, my husband was trying to joke around with me. I was saying, 'Please stop talking. I'm trying to go to sleep,' and he kept talking. Out of the blue -- he still mentions it, that I had the most terrifying look on my face - and I just went 'STOP IT!!' and shoved him across the bed. The life of a working parent is constantly saying 'This is impossible,' and then you keep doing it. Ours was the generation of Title IX. It was like 'We're going to sign up for coed baseball, and you're going to play basketball . . ' It was a good time to be a girl. You know, watching The Bad News Bears -- it was takeover time."  Source: Parade Magazine.

Sarah Jessica Parker:

"I like working in film because it allows me to be a mother more than 
anything else.  Theater and television don't allow that luxury of time."

Uma Thurman:

[My ex-husband Ethan Hawke] claimed I couldn't be a full-time mother and actress and I always insisted I could. But I couldn't. I really try to give all of myself. I wouldn't even read a script that wasn't shooting in New York because I needed to be home."

Kate Hudson:

Toward the end, the most difficult part was putting Ryder on that long flight back to Los Angeles. You zone out for those 14 hours, telling yourself he's fine. It's a lesson in letting things go. He was with his daddy and happy. But that transition for mothers is really hard.
My mom was way more independent than I was. My mom traveled a lot and worked a lot, and she was way busier. And she wouldn't take us. When she was doing 'Private Benjamin,' I remember she went away for three weeks and came back, and then went away for two weeks and came back.

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