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Debra Messing:

"I just take it hour by hour. For me, if I think about the logistics of a full week, my head starts spinning. So I stop and say to myself, 'What does Roman need? How do I get it to him? Every working mom has to contend with this, and I try to do the best I can."

Calista Flockhart:

"I thought, 'Liam's going to be in kindergarten and will be gone 8 hours a day. . . How great to do a television show -- I'll hopefully be able to negotiate my schedule really well so I can be home, and [I'll get to] act and work with a writer who understands theater, whom I've always loved and admired. It'll be like doing a play every week. . [But] All of a sudden I wasn't home to pick up Liam from school, and I realized it wasn't really OK, and I wasn't happy. I was scratching my eyes out. I couldn't believe I'd put myself in this situation. [It was a] three month transition. It's all calmed down now. And I was very comforted knowing that Harrison was there -- he really stepped up and became a stay-at-home dad for all intents and purposes. It was wonderful having that." C Magazine

Jessica Alba:

"You learn to be less selfish and less worried about your career. I've always been very disciplined and focused on work, and having a baby makes you become less self-involved." Star Magazine

Helen Hunt:

“I’m a stay-at-home mom who every few years takes on a big thing and pieces it together somehow.  I’ve been home with my daughter since she was born, almost entirely.  It’s been very lucky.  I said to myself, ‘I want to be with my family and work on projects I love doing.  And if this kind of work means very infrequently being away for intense periods of time, it’s not a bad trade.”

Sheryl Crow:

"I'm lucky my job starts after Wyatt's gone to bed. And I get to wake up with him in the morning -- it's a pretty sweet arrangement. His crib is right across from my bunk on the bus, and we're joined at the hip. Being a working mom with a 1-year-old is hard, but Wyatt's got lots of dads out here. James [Blunt] is great with him."

Kate Hudson:

"I'm so lucky to have care for my child at work. It's hard when you have kids and you're working. I want to go to every big corporation and say, 'You must have daycare!'. When I go to work I get to bring my son, but not all working mothers do and I don't know how they do it."

Amanda Peet:

"I still feel desperately sad when I don't win a role. When you're able to identify your passions, then your child will be able to identify hers. It's a great template."  Cookie Magazine, August 2008.

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick:

“It’s challenging. It’s kind of a ‘one day at a time’ thing, to tell you the truth. It’s actually become harder as the years have gone by, rather than easier, probably because I see the time slipping by. My daughter has only two more years at home. You’re like, ‘Should I be here, or should I be there?’ You’re constantly asking yourself, ‘Have I done the right thing or have I done the wrong thing?’ And what I always come back to is I know it’s right because I don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t, and I don’t think it would be as much of a success if it wasn’t the right thing . . . But everyone in America has trouble balancing, you know? You not only have to be successful, you have to be a good mother. You have to be a good sister. You have to be a good friend. And if you’re a man, you have to be strong but you have to be vulnerable. You have to be able to bring home the money, and you don’t want to take money from your wife. But what if it doesn’t work out that way? It’s such a balancing act for everybody. Many people have to work two jobs so they’re never home with their kids at all. So when I’m not working, I’m home with them all the time.”

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Tina Fey:

"[on the writers' strike] I worked out three times. Well, I went to the gym three times, but I only worked out two of the three times. One other time I used the bathroom. Actually, I spent the whole time with my kid, which was nice. It was like the maternity leave I never got. She is now able to pick me up out of a lineup of four or five women."

Liv Tyler:

It's hard as a woman to be working so much all the time and out in the world and then also really wanting to be a mother and wanting to do all those things around the house for your child. It's really overwhelming, especially when your child is young. My dream my whole life was to be a mother, not to have a career or be famous. I love my job and care a lot about what I do and I get a lot of pleasure from acting, but I want to be able to be home and be [Milo's] mother. I don't want somebody else raising him.

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