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Tina Fey

Tina Fey:

"I know for sure that you can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at. I know for sure that a hard-boiled egg is two points on Weight Watchers. I know for sure that my kid needs my husband and me to be with her more." - From O Magazine 2/2009

Kelli Williams

Kelli Williams:

"It was nice to be away for a while, but I was ready.
I made a deal with myself that when my youngest went to kindergarten, I would go back to work full-time, and it worked. Knock on wood, it keeps going." -- People

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore:

“I try to work in the summer, or shoot in New York City. I’ll try to come back every weekend, or schedule around school breaks. No one likes it, but you’re trying to make a living. People say, ‘Then don’t do it,’ but I do have a career. Every woman I know strives for flexibility, and I fortunately have a tremendous amount of it.”

Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino:

"I think I find in my own life, it’s a terrible conflict, when you have children, to leave them for any length of time to go to work . . I never actually leave my children…They always come with me. But I still despair at walking away from them for a long day of work. I try and make their lives as educational and fun and as close to me as possible whenever I’m working. So it’s a real balancing act.”

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler:

"Sleep is out for 2009. Tired is the new black." - OK 2/2/09

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston:

“I have a girlfriend who was very successful in her career, and three kids later she had to stop working because something had to give. Now she’s at home looking after those babies while her husband’s out working, and yes it’s difficult, and she sometimes thinks she’s losing her mind, but it’s what I want to do.” - source

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson:

"Being a single parent can be difficult, but I don't feel like I am one. Chris and I are co-parenting, and the traveling is where it gets difficult. Chris is on the road, and I've had a busy year last year, so I am going to take a break in 2009. I want to soak in every part of who Ryder is right now. When he climbs into bed with me, wraps his arms around me and says, 'Mommy, the sun's up! It's a beautiful morning!' I'm sorry, do I really want to go to work then? No! Making movies in terms of the hours -- they're so long...I feel blessed that our mothers struggled and worked hard to make it OK for us to be working mothers and that people accept it more when we say,
'I want to take my child to school today, or I can't come to work today until 9.' But it's about trying to find a healthy balance too. I remember being so aware of my parents work ethic when I was growing up . . . Still maintaining balance can be exhausting."

Katie Couric:

[On Her Motto] "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Christina Aguilera:

"I wasn't going to give up who I was before I had the baby. It's important to stay true to that as an example — also for my son to find out what his goals are, what he's passionate about doing, so it's sort of leading by example in that sense. It's a tough thing. I had a moment leaving him today to get ready for tonight of missing him, but every working mom goes through it. They know what it feels like."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

"Being a working mother can be fraught with tension at certain times. I definitely relate to the frantic fear that you're screwing up -- of doing the wrong thing despite the best of intentions. I get up very early and get a lot of things done before my kids get up. And I compartmentalize and medicate myself on a daily basis. Not really! I don't medicate. But I do get up early."

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