Working Moms in the Fall TV Lineup.


Though the calendar says it’s not quite autumn yet, TV execs are busy promoting their new fall slate of programs which they hope will make your DVR must-see list. And while some programs -- such as “Lost,” “Medium” and “The New Adventures of Old Christine” – will not premiere new episodes until 2008, many others are following the more traditional fall premiere schedule. 


Here at Mommy Track’d, we’re highlighting new and returning shows that feature working moms. Some are brand spankin’ new programs we haven’t yet seen, while others are returning programs for whom we hold high hopes for strong storylines (*ahem* “Grey’s Anatomy” *cough* more Miranda Bailey):




Tell Me You Love Me -- Currently airing its freshman season, 9-10 p.m., Sundays on HBO.

Surely you’ve heard about the new HBO drama, “Tell Me You Love Me” which is generating headlines for its graphic sex scenes. It focuses on four couples at various stages of their lives and what their sexual relationships have to say about the emotional health of each pair. Included among the quartet is a career-oriented couple in their 30s struggling with infertility and a couple in their 40s who cannot seem to get beyond their work and family obligations with their two children in order to make room for a sex life. The sole mother on the show is Katie (Ally Walker) who works part-time from home as a graphic designer and whose husband, a loving and involved dad, is disinterested in sex. HBO’s web site says of Katie, “She’s put her children and her marriage before her own needs.” The pilot episode was uncomfortable, illuminating and addicting.


Desperate Housewives – Season four premieres on Sept. 30, 9-10 p.m., Sundays on ABC.

During the three seasons we’ve been watching the ladies of Wisteria Lane, Lynette Scavo (Emmy-nominated Felicity Huffman) has been on an on-again, off-again career track. First she was a formerly high-powered advertising exec who hated being an at-home mom to four. Then she returned to the advertising world and dealt, with varying success, with child care issues. Months later, she quit the corporate life in order to help her husband Tom (Doug Savant) pursue his dream of starting a family restaurant. At the end of last season, Lynette and Tom were awkwardly starting to get a handle on running Scavos’ when she learned she has lymphoma. This season, Lynette will try to best cancer while snagging awesome restaurant reviews.

To catch up on last season’s episodes, visit the ABC web site.



I guess it's not new this fall, but I just discovered it - Damages on FX. Glen Close's character, Patty Hewes, makes a pretty interesting working-mom character. I love when she compares kids to clients - that they want everything from you all the time (or something like that).


YES -more Chandra Wilson on Grey's. I may quit watching that show, but I'll give it a few tries to see if they give Bailey more air time. AND WATCH FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS -it's wonderful -very realistic!


Amen! Chandra Wilson is the best thing on television. She is the most accurate representation of African American women since Phylicia Rashad on the Cosby Show. Give us more Bailey!