Do Working Moms Blog?

It’s not news that working mothers have the least amount of available leisure time. Even executives can schedule their leisure time (with the cocktail hour doubling for business purposes). Rich people have assistants to help with household chores and errands. Most working women and I don’t have those luxuries. Something must give. It’s the blogging.


I like to blog. When I hear something interesting, discover an explanation, or have an opinion I must express, I have an outlet. It really helps. Writing about things helps me understand the world and frees my brain to move away from stewing over a nasty bit of news. I blog and I’ve got it off my mind.


It’s a sad fact that I really don’t have time to share day-to-day thoughts with the world. As a whole the viewpoint and opinion of the modern woman is diminished because we simply don’t have a spare moment to do much in the way of political activism, writing, contributing to discussion, and join groups, for example. That’s a shame because I think we become marginalized because of it.


This, I hope, is a temporary situation for me. My dreams are to write a book (not related to anything I’ve discussed online) and to have more free time as the kids get older. I won’t have to pay for child care (note that the cost is well over $10,000 a year). Someday, I’ll be able to hire a cleaning person to vacuum, dust and clean the kitchen. Can’t wait.

Another dream is to be able to come home from work and decide what to do – watch TV, read a book, take the dog for a walk, go shopping. Now, everything must be coordinated and juggled or left out entirely. This also applies to Dads too. There is less hang time. Priorities must be in order. I know that as time goes on, I’ll have less of those responsibilities and I will have more vacation time earned from work. My husband and I can go away on weekends without massive strategic planning. Hurray! Places to see, things to do…ah, someday.

I suppose we must compartmentalize our lives based on priorities of the time: childhood, teen, college, young independent, mother, and so on. I am trying to resign myself to the truth, here. This time of my life is not a leisurely stroll, it’s the familiar running to stay in place. It’s important to find small things that make me happy. It is a time for raising kids, enjoying their accomplishments, making enough money to live comfortably and keeping up a house. Framing this via the observations in The Happiness Myth, by Jennifer Michael Hecht, I have mostly good days made up of small contented moments among the rush – enjoying dusk on the back porch, sipping a vodka martini in my lounge chair, jamming to My Chemical Romance on the iPod while grocery shopping. Overall, raising kids to be healthy, well adjusted, educated and independent is one of the goals I work towards in terms of a Happy Life.


Working mamas need blogs (to read and to write) as much as moms who stay at home! I will have to give yours a read.


I love this blog. Smart, realistic, articulate...she's a welcome voice.