Wear Clean Underwear.

by Denise Berger


Planning for your children’s lives should you die prematurely does not make for light dinner conversation. Can you imagine: sooo, who did you name for your guardian? Oooh, good choice, I went with so and so. Did you fill out your health care proxy yet? Working on it, working on it. Frankly, this is a topic that is neither enjoyable nor a subject that people want to face. For After all, we are “the Mom” are we are invincible! We stay up late, get up early; we have pulled all-nighters for our newborns; we rally for occasions which we once thought we couldn’t possibly stomach; we teach our children about stranger danger and safety; we get through sick days, cranky days; we face our own personal stresses and while doing our best to build positive experiences in our children’s memories.



So, it is surprising then to learn that nearly 70% of parents with minor children don’t have wills? And, of those who have the document prepared, 31% make one of six mistakes… oversights or errors that can alter the course of what you want for the care of your children or the funding you establish for them. Staggering, isn’t it? Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to wear dirty underwear, in case you have to go to the hospital?



Alexis Martin Neely, founder of the Family Wealth Planning Institute and a network of personal family lawyers springing up in the USA , states in her easy-to-read book, Wear Clean Underwear, “Everyone needs to understand the dangers of leaving their money and children in the hands of the government, inept family members, or unprepared friends. It’s bad enough your children could lose their parents, but don’t compound their pain by leaving them without a loving, informed guardian of your choosing and the money for which you’ve worked hard to secure.” Alexis points out that the average person tends to view family wealth planning as something for only the rich and famous. On the contrary, it is a critical obligation of being a responsible parent - whether you have $1,000 or a million dollars (and anywhere under, over and in between). Why? It isn’t just about the money.




As part of the "sandwich generation" we also need to remember our mothers whose circumstances may require our care, too. Don't forget to make provisions for them if this is the situation at your house.


we are both guilty of putting this issue for "later". a good reminder to do it soon. Thanks.Sana


Thanks for writing about this Denise. I'm so glad to be able to get moms the straight facts about legal planning.

For anyone uncertain about the first step to take, it's to name legal guardians and you can do it free and print out the legal documents at www.KidsProtectionPlan.com and of course I hope you'll read my book Wear Clean Underwear! If you get it at www.WearCleanUnderwearBook.com you can get over $3,000 of mommy swag.



Great article, and already on the 'to-do' list. A friendly reminder to re-prioritize!


This article was great. There is a peace of mind in knowing that one is prepared...for whatever comes their way.


Very difficult subject matter but great article... and gave us the push to start the process !


There could not be a more important yet frequently over looked topic. Outstanding!


Thank you so much for this timely advice, and providing some web resources to sort through it all. Great stuff!


A task so easy to ignore...good article


Such great advice. I imagined someone having to come through our home looking for the necessary information to make things as easy as possible for the kids and, well, there was no way it was going to be easy with the way we currently had things. So, we have started the ball rolling...thanks for lighting a fire under us :-) Living trust here we come!!!