The Bigger Picture: Season Finales of Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Housewives.


“I’ve seen the bigger picture. And I can’t do everything and still have everything, so I have to let some of the pieces go.”


-- Dr. Miranda Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy season finale



As Drs. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd celebrated the beginning of their life together as a committed couple (seriously) while bathed in flickering candlelight in the Grey’s Anatomy season finale, Dr. Miranda Bailey, who this season became estranged from her husband due to her work-a-holic ways, professed to have seen “the bigger picture.”


Throughout this season, we’ve watched as Miranda struggled with missing her son’s first Halloween so she could literally give another boy ears, and with canceling a lunch date with her husband to discuss the future of their troubled marriage in order to operate on a white supremacist. We saw Miranda and her husband blame one another for their son’s near-fatal accident, and witnessed her husband leave her, saying that she loved her work more than her family.


Yet in the finale, Miranda realized that she isn’t a superhero. She’s just one person. So this chief resident, this director of Seattle Grace’s free clinic, this esteemed surgeon, this wife and mom, made a choice and gave up something in order to gain something.


In handing the keys of the clinic – something she founded and ran in order to vividly demonstrate her organizational skills – to Dr. Izzie Stevens, she was asked why she was doing this given that she adores the clinic. “I’ve seen the bigger picture . . . [I love running the hospital clinic but not as much as I love] surgery,” she said, her voice cracking with emotion. “I don’t love it as much as I love being chief resident. I don’t love it as much as I love my husband and my child.”


We’ll have to wait to see if her husband’s buying what Miranda’s selling.


Over on another ABC dramedy, Desperate Housewives, its writers borrowed a page from the show Lost by flashing-forward five years at the conclusion of its uneven and melodramatic season finale. (I was not a fan of the Katherine Mayfair storyline.) Among the tidbits gleaned from the brief glimpse into

Wisteria Lane

’s future:



Lynette and Tom Scavo’s twin boys -- now teenagers -- are juvenile delinquents. One of them has already served time in juvenile detention and the other is well on his way to a life of crime having just stolen a car at the mall and taken it for a spin. Of course they’ll blame their mother, right?


Bree Van de Kamp Hodge has become a Martha Stewart-esque cookbook magnate. Her once delinquent son Andrew is serving as her assistant, handing her a galley copy of her new cookbook and keeping a reporter from the New York Times on hold while Bree takes a bubble bath with her husband Orson.



I'm a huge fan of both shows, and while I'm not happy with how Desperate Housewives ended its season, I'm thrilled with Grey's Anatomy. I think that Miranda finally got the picture, that while having a career is all good, she can't keep putting her family aside. I'm happy to see she's lightening her workload up by giving Izzy the clinic. I definitely want to see Meredith take control of her life and really try harder at her relationship with McDreamy. I want to see George ace that exam and grab a better job. But in the end it's all up to the writers :-)