Sleep is for the Weak.

So, about a year ago I get this email. It’s from a woman I’ve never heard of, asking me if I’m interested in being a part of a book she’s putting together, something about mommybloggers. Of course, I immediately say yes. I say ‘of course’ because my philosophy is to always say yes to any opportunity that comes my way. I mean, you never know what might happen, and it’s turned out that for me, lots of things actually have happened just because I said yes to something that other people might not.


For example, when I quit working at my law firm and was trying to find a job in education, there was one school that was willing to hire me, but only if I would start off teaching computers to middle school students for twelve hours a week. Now, I didn’t know anything teaching, and I certainly didn’t know anything about computers. In fact, it was very likely that the kids in my class would have ended up teaching me. But I said yes, figuring that somehow, I would figure it out. What I really wanted was to be a college counselor at the school, and the headmaster offered that, since I was only working twelve hours a week, maybe I could help out in the college counseling office in my free time. For free. Others might have scoffed, but I said yes. After all, this was pre-children, my free time was not as valuable then as it is now, and it seemed like it could be a learning experience. Call it divine intervention, call it being in the right place at the right time, but lo and behold, four weeks later, the college counselor unexpectedly quits, and just like that, I had a new career.


Another time, this random woman sent me an email asking if I would be interested in writing for a new website she was starting for working moms called Mommy Track’d. She couldn’t pay me anything at first, and she couldn’t guarantee that anyone would read it. But I said sure. Why not? Meanwhile, three years later I’m still here, that random woman has become a wonderful and trusted friend, and the exposure I’ve received from having my work on Mommy Track’d has proven to be priceless.


But I digress. What I was starting to say is that I did, indeed, say yes to being a part of this mommyblogging book, which is now titled Sleep is for the Weak: The Best of the Mommybloggers (and which is available for preorder on Amazon right now!). I love the book; it’s a collection of blog entries from various (you guessed it) mommybloggers, some of whom are crazy popular and have like, half a million loyal, die-hard fans, and some of whom are hilariously funny but are barely a blip on the radar in terms of hits to their websites. I’m thinking I fall somewhere in the middle, both in terms of hits and funniness. But that’s okay. One thing you can’t have if you’re willing to say yes to just about anything, is a big ego.