Seinfeld Working Mom Moment.

Every mother has had her bad mommy moments, but working moms have the exciting possibility of their bad mommy moments coinciding with their workday, providing a doubly embarrassing memory nugget that can be savored long after the awkwardness or shame has worn off. Of course, these bad working mom moments can also provide fodder for hilarious stories you can tell later. Or not. Sometimes you’d rather keep the story to yourself, using the memory to occasionally remind you that even fabulous, amazing women, such as yourself, can occasionally be complete boneheads.


I don’t work in a corporate nine-to-five workplace, and my working mom moments are not as easy to tally up. I don’t have any “that time my boss walked in on me pumping breast milk,” or “that time my two-year-old called in the middle of the board meeting” type stories. I will admit to one horribly memorable moment when I felt I couldn’t miss an audition and dragged my feverish one-year old boy, sick with the flu, into a casting director’s office while I read some now-forgettable part on a TV show. My sick baby sat whimpering pathetically on the floor, while the young casting associate read with me. It had to have been excruciatingly uncomfortable for her, and even now I’m embarrassed at the memory. What was I thinking? Well, at the time, I needed a job, which trumped all reason. A proud, proud moment for Mommy.


Another awkward on-the-job situation occurred when I was shooting an episode of “Seinfeld,” when my oldest son was about a year old. This particular episode was not shot in their usual way, on their usual set; it was a series of vignettes all centered around the Seinfeld characters attempting to meet and see a movie at a movie theater, which was a set on a backlot. In those days, when I had voice-over jobs at various studios, my husband would bring our baby to wherever I was working, so that I could nurse him on my breaks. But this particular job was on-camera and a night shoot, and more complicated getting husbands and babies on and off the lot. So baby and dad were home, on the other side of town. I figured my little scene would be shot, and I’d whiz homeward a few hours later.



First, let me say that I lurve (wasn't that what Woody Allen said?) your books, and have pushed them into the hands of most of my friends as they leave my house, as soon as they are returned I start the process over again. I now give 3 Martini Playdate as a baby present along with the Onesies and diapers (although, at my advanced age-43-I don't know many people having babies, but still, every little bit helps, right?) Out of all of the friends I have in my Earthy-Crunchy little town, I am one of only 2 people who thanked the little baby Jesus for things like playpens, while most everyone else here sees them as akin to hair shirts and flogging. But now, with your book, I am redeemed! See, it wasn't wrong to lock the kids outside for an hour on a perfectly nice day so I could wash the floor! Anyway, I thought you'd like to hear about the embarrassing situations we stay home mothers find ourselves in. I was chatting with another mom at the playground, and she told me this story: After a very long, challenging day with her terrible twos toddler, she nipped into the bathroom to take care of business. Soon the pleas started, "mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM, MOM, MOM!!!!!" at which point she screamed, "Can't I just have 5 minutes to change my @#$%^&* tampon??" She stormed out of the bathroom to find the UPS guy standing in the hallway, after being let in by said toddler. Cheers! Keep up the good work, and please hurry with that new book, as I want to send it to my son at college.