Sarah Palin: It's Nuclear Not Nucular.

I wasn’t planning to do another column about women and politics again, I really wasn’t. I think I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel about Hillary Clinton, and about Sarah Palin, and I’m well aware of the fact that there’s no need to beat a dead horse. But somehow, in this election year, no matter how many times it gets shot, the damn horse will just not die. And so, I feel somewhat obligated to write about last week’s vice presidential debate, although what I want to write about is not who won, or who managed to connect most with the American people. No, what I want to write about is the fact that even after all we’ve been through this year, gender politics still remains, and its women, more than anyone else, who seem to be perpetuating it.


I don’t know how many of you were watching Brian Williams after the debate was over, but one of the first people he asked to comment on the debate was none other than Geraldine Ferraro. And the first thing that Geraldine Ferraro said was that, as a Democrat, she was pulling for Joe Biden. But as a woman, she was really hoping that Sarah Palin wouldn’t screw up. Huh? I’m a Democrat, and I’m a woman, and I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart, I was hoping against hope that Sarah Palin would make a complete and total fool of herself. And so I wondered, what is up with Geraldine Ferraro? Why the sisterly love for someone who is so diametrically opposed to everything she stands for? I mean, does she think that men have such a low opinion of women’s abilities, that they would take Sarah Palin’s debate performance as a representation of what women are capable of as a whole? Maybe I’m naïve, but I have a higher opinion of men than that.


And what about Joe Biden? The poor guy was totally screwed. If he went after her, it was said, he’d look like a bully; but if he was too nice, he’d look like he was being chivalrous, or, as some others might put it, he’d look like he was letting her win because she’s a girl. He took the high road, which was probably the right choice, but personally, I wish he would have gone after her harder. I wish he would have informed her, after the fifth time, that it’s nuclear, not nucular. But hey, who wants to be accused of beating up on a poor little old hockey mom, right?



Wow, wow, wow. You Yankee women are really something. I say nucular, and I'm durn proud of it. Course I'm a redneck executive type who makes a paltry $100+K a year. Get a grip and snap out of it already! So you don't like Sarah Palin's choices she's made with her own life, big whoop. I hate Billary and have for years, but I'd NEVER castigate her the way you Yanks have Palin. You make me ashamed FOR you.


I'm with GFMommy Esq. on this subject - having been an Independent for over 15 years makes me realize just how petty all of this political theater has been these past few months. Sarah Palin, Geraldine Ferraro, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton are all intelligent, dignified women who have pierced the glass ceiling to forge some equality for all of us - to say that Sarah deserves anything less than respect is completely inappropriate.


I have to tell you I find my self obsessing over this whole election. I am with Jenni75 it scares me to think that so many women in this country are rooting for Sarah Palin. I can't believe it's not obvious to the entire country that she would make things a million times worse than they are now. Having that women so close to the presidency scares me more than anything. Could you imagine if she was our president? It's bad enough she could be vise. There are so many countries who hate America now and laugh at George Bush. let's go ahead and elect another right wing moron into office and let's see what kind of support we get. As far as the other post about government control, no I don't feel that government should control our every move. Although with more government supervision we could have avoided the whole Wall Street crisis. Also with a little more government control maybe we can control the outrageous medical insurance companies. Who could not sit back and agree with Obama last night when he spoke about preexisting conditions and the sick dieing in bed and fighting with the insurance companies. These companies sit back and take our money for years and years and when we finally need to use it how dare they fight you about what it is they are going to cover. It's always some sort of fine print! With all the corruption and greed it's time to have appropriate laws and consequences. I have to say I also agree that ALL children should have medical insurance. Anyway I am done my rant.


Pamcake, You don't have to be liberal to NOT be prejudice. Sarah Palin and John McCain are fear mongers serving up a few racial undertones with their new message. A few facts for you - Senator McCain has spent alot of time with some ultra-right winged extremists. In the 1980's McCain served on the advisory board to the US chapt. with John Singlaub who is tied to Iran-Contra. Singlaub is a known radical who engaged in many violent acts. This council was linked to former Nazi collaborators. Where is the media on this? Where are the questions? He spent 21 years in the Senate with Strom Thurmond. Strom Thurmond fought long and hard for segregation and opposed the Civil Right Act of 1957. They worked together on many issues. I think we should persecute John McCain for any and all of his associations as well. If this is what running for office is going to be about let it go both ways. Oh and BTW if you truly watched the debate you would have seen that McCain didn't answer many questions for example: Question "How would you try to break the country's bad habits and of too much debt and easy credit?" McCain's Answer "Obama's tax plan is like nailing jelly to the wall. Taxes blah, blah, blah, taxes blah, blah, blah." You have to do your homework and not just watch one channel. Know ALL politicians, including John McCain, stretch the truth.


Is this a liberal site? What the heck is the matter with you people. How on earth can you support someone who is friends with a terrorist. To you, maybe this is not a big deal, but for my future and the future of my children it is a HUGE deal to me. I shutter to think what will happen to this country if Obama is President. Do we really need government to be involved in every aspect of our life. Do you really think that the government should have the right to fine Americans for not carrying insurance. What was the fine again??? Oh, wait, he would'nt answer. As for Sarah Palin...I'm happy to support her. Say whatever you want...but this Maverick or Pitbull in lipstick is just what this country needs.
Michigan Republican


The fact that Sarah Palin could be a woman that other women would aspire to be scares the *^&&# out of me! This woman was not chosen because she is an amazing leader or mentor or anything...the fact is the Republicans were trying yet another ploy to win. But, no matter, Obama is in the lead and his lead grows everyday. Soon, Palin will be nothing but a sidejoke. A footnote in a campaign coverage story and not soon enough for me.
I will be happy when all her O'Biden, Nucular, you betcha's and say it ain't so joes are gone back to Alaska and her witch doctor of a reverand and the Alaskan Independence Party. Read about that one, ladies, it will terrify you!
Obama '08


Wow, Risa. I normally love your posts, but I think your position on Sarah Palin is exceptionally petty. G Ferraro was saying that when a woman has the opportunity to present herself on the world stage, we all, as women, should hope that she presents herself with grace and dignity. Why take this position, when men are clearly not subject to this same obligation of sorority? Because it happens so rarely in politics that any woman makes it that far. We are NOT equally represented by our government and Sarah Palin's campaign may very well open doors for other women, or inspire other women, to aim for a position in high politics (and one of those women will likely hold similar political views to you). Like it or not, Sarah Palin's name (just like Hillary Clinton's name) will come up every time another woman candidate makes a plausible bid for the White House. And hoping that Sarah Palin will fall flat on her face in order to further the Democratic party (who will likely win anyway) could lead to irreparable damage to another woman's candidacy.


I think G Ferraro's wish is a product of her generation, when representatives of women in high power positions in companies, offices... everywhere, were very rare. My office is full of women leaders, and the men who report to them. There are so many examples of basic competence among us that I think whether S Palin represents women is a non-factor. At least among we who accept that we can and do lead.
I love that Obama is so undeniably intelligent and well-educated that it is not even something a reasonable person would stop to think about--whether he will "screw up" in communicating or not.

I do find Sarah a problem as far as her resorting to the antiquated cutesy stuff. I would prefer, as a woman, to see that tactic fail. Republicans had a nice list of intelligent women to choose from (think Christine Todd Whitman), and McCain did let the GOP down with this choice.

Yes, I agree with today's columnist--Palin won't hurt women. She's a blip. We'll keep on leading from both sides of the aisle.

Hunters Mom

Chrstyhwll--its enough with this ridiculous non-sense that black people are only voting for Obama because he's black. Has someone actually done a study on this? Recently a poll was done with white democrats and 1/3 of them admitted that they won't vote for Obama because he's black. Now that's something to talk about. As for black people voting for Obama, lets be frank, are the policies of the Republican party consistent with those that are helpful to blacks? Is the Republican party inclusive? Ok so after the RNC, they had a "Unity Rally" to promote inclusion. The only was hosted by George Allen...(yes the same one that lost his bid for the U.S. Senate after it came out that he used an ethnic slur to describe someone of Indian descent). Is it possible that on the issues of health care, education, the economy....the list goes on, that it is Barack Obama and not John McCain that is more aligned with the needs of African-Americans?

Hunters Mom

I agree with Risa. Where do we get by supporting someone JUST because she's a woman (and unqualified at that)? Palin's policies are not supportive of women, and most relevant to this website, they aren't supportive of WORKING MOMS. Palin has taken the race to the White House into the gutter with her recent speeches. When McCain brought her on, he was using the GENDER CARD to attract Hillary supporters (does anyone really think she would have been selected if Hillary had been the VP pick?). Now Palin's pulling the RACE CARD inciting all kinds of negative things...check the news...yesterday she said "Obama doesn't see the country the way WE DO...." If you saw the reaction from the crowd and what this talk incited you would be disturbed (the shouts from the crowd were scary). Palin has demonstrated that you can successfully use the Gender Card to tag along on for the top job in the land and on your way distract people from the fact that you shouldn't really be there with sleazy and despicable tactics...and that's something we as women should be proud of?