Sarah Palin: It's Nuclear Not Nucular.

I wasn’t planning to do another column about women and politics again, I really wasn’t. I think I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel about Hillary Clinton, and about Sarah Palin, and I’m well aware of the fact that there’s no need to beat a dead horse. But somehow, in this election year, no matter how many times it gets shot, the damn horse will just not die. And so, I feel somewhat obligated to write about last week’s vice presidential debate, although what I want to write about is not who won, or who managed to connect most with the American people. No, what I want to write about is the fact that even after all we’ve been through this year, gender politics still remains, and its women, more than anyone else, who seem to be perpetuating it.


I don’t know how many of you were watching Brian Williams after the debate was over, but one of the first people he asked to comment on the debate was none other than Geraldine Ferraro. And the first thing that Geraldine Ferraro said was that, as a Democrat, she was pulling for Joe Biden. But as a woman, she was really hoping that Sarah Palin wouldn’t screw up. Huh? I’m a Democrat, and I’m a woman, and I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart, I was hoping against hope that Sarah Palin would make a complete and total fool of herself. And so I wondered, what is up with Geraldine Ferraro? Why the sisterly love for someone who is so diametrically opposed to everything she stands for? I mean, does she think that men have such a low opinion of women’s abilities, that they would take Sarah Palin’s debate performance as a representation of what women are capable of as a whole? Maybe I’m naïve, but I have a higher opinion of men than that.


And what about Joe Biden? The poor guy was totally screwed. If he went after her, it was said, he’d look like a bully; but if he was too nice, he’d look like he was being chivalrous, or, as some others might put it, he’d look like he was letting her win because she’s a girl. He took the high road, which was probably the right choice, but personally, I wish he would have gone after her harder. I wish he would have informed her, after the fifth time, that it’s nuclear, not nucular. But hey, who wants to be accused of beating up on a poor little old hockey mom, right?



Ah yes, the Dumbing Down of America at its best as seen in many of your comments. It's the continuing, ongoing surgical removal by the Republican Regime to eliminate the Middle Class in America. Or, as "Fearless Leader" says, "Amurka" . WAKE UP PEOPLE! Why do you feel it necessary to "HATE" someone you really don't know personally? What if our leaders said, "I really hate all those citizens?" FIGURE IT OUT PEOPLE! THERE IS ENOUGH HATE IN THIS WORLD. WE MUST, MUST, MUST bring this world together, not continue to tear it apart! Is this what you are teaching your children? To "HATE"?? Aren't we supposed to be a World Power? And you, Ms Diva, did you even re-read your comment before posting it??? You have 'castigated' the author in the same way you accuse her of doing to Sarah Palin. DO YOU SEE THE HYPOCRISY IN THAT????? Or do you live in Alaska, where your IQ has been set to room temperature? Using proper ENGLISH, spelling, pronunciation, grammar ARE ALL and ALWAYS important.
Furthermore, It's not about how much money you make, Ms. Diva, but you might not understand that until you're laying on your death bed, where you may finally have a moment of clarity and realize your loved ones will not bury all of your money with you. Do you really think you're better than others because (according to you, we have no proof) you make a certain amount of money? Do you think anyone really cares how much money (you say) you earn? Get over yourself!
Obviously, you have never played team sports where you learn to work with others, not against. "There is no "I" in TEAM".

To All of you breathing hatred into this world (and apparently that's most of you who've written comments), I issue this challenge to you:
Practice what you Preach
Spend one week (yes, 7 days) practicing Kindness, Acceptance and Love.
24 hours a day, for 7 days. Completely eliminate the following 3 words from your vocabulary:
No; Can't; Won't.
(and all other negative words that may pop into your head).

Like an actor, recite the words below to yourselves and everyone you know:


ONE WEEK....on your mark, set...GO!!!

I challenge all of you to be responsible for your own actions and words, and make the world a better place, one role model at a time.


Had the candidate been from Boston or Mississippi and spoken in their local dialect no one would have dared mock them! Because Obama paid the media MILLIONS of dollars (inappropriately obtained) they support him over McCain, creating a media bias so obvious that even children comment on it. Due to the media slant to the left it is now OK for everyone to attack Sarah Palin and John McCain, but not Barack Obama or Joe Biden? Time out! This entire campaign has turned into a joke being played by the mainstream media, and the joke will be on the American people if individuals don't start thinking beyond tv ads and newspaper articles.


So Obama was casual friends with someone who was supposedly a terrorist years ago and thats why you won't vote for him? HUH? So because the McCain Palin camp says he was great friends and hung out all the time than it must be true! Get Real! I also read somewhere that because he admitted he tried pot once this woman couldn't vote for a druggie! The Republicans are so scared right now they are using this and the Minister of the church Obama used to go to again as a reason not to vote for him! Get over it! Move ON! Clinton did all kinds of things wrong as President but he got voted in for 2 terms! And yes Obama's Mom is white. Why does he need to bring this up. If you have read anything about him, he is very close to his mother! People need to vote because of the what the candidates will hopefully do for this country not because of who they might have hung out with years ago or smoked or whatever! I wasn't all that thrilled with Obama at first but I have read whatever I can find about him and McCain and have made an educated decision. I just believe that if McCain gets in it will be Bush all over again! I'd be thrilled about a woman running for vice-president, but I'm not voting for her just because she is a woman. I'm not voting for her or McCain because they don't have a clue! I think Chrsty needs to get a grip! I guess you just need to be a white woman and she will vote for you!


So she made fun of the way Palin said nuclear, so what! How many presidents and vice-presidents have been raked over the coals beacause of the way they talk or SPELL! What because she is a woman we shouldn't make fun of her! PLEASE! If God forbid she is our vice-president she better get used to it! Oh and grand_diva I live in the northern part of the USA and I warsh things. Do I get made fun of it? YES! You know what I tell people I warsh things not wash things because they get cleaner that way! Oh and none of us care what you make!! Your user name fits you to a tee! The only reason McCain chose her was because she was a woman,nothing else! He insults us intelligent women! He thinks just because she is a woman I am going to agree with her views! Get real! I don't agree with any of her views! I think Obama has more experience than being a mayor and Governor for a year and a half! Maybe we need someone with fresh views who doesn't have that much experience! At least he knows what is going on in the world and doesn't have to be coached and briefed on EVERYTHING before he speaks! She has no clue what is going on in the world except her own!


GF Mommy -- you are dead on with this. Who needs men to tear us down when we'll do it ourselves -- for the sake of partisanship, no less! Now there's a noble cause.

Politics aside -- a woman has been nominated; just as black Americans feel like Obama is in a unique and historic position, so should women view Palin's nomination. Which candidate you will vote for isn't the issue at all. Poking fun of her accent is catty, petty and mean (adjectives long used to describe women at their worst). Is this really how we want this to go down? Risa -- you've beaten the horse to the point of undermining your ability to be objective. PS -- I didn't want anyone to fall on his or her face at the debate. I wanted to hear what they had to say so I could make a rational decision. Being so blatantly partisan for the sake of being partisan is just narrow-minded -- and it certainly doesn't benefit anyone or the process. Just look at Congress -- a giant sandbox of mean kids throwing sand at each other -- it's now spilled into the streets. How sad.


Why so afraid -- the likes of Barney Frank and Dodd have been there forever and have done more damage to the economy than planes smashing into the Trade Center and Pentagon. They would love to talk about Wall Street greed and deregulation as the only culprit -- but any intelligent person knows that something stinks about the whole thing. The politicians overseeing this were either crooked or stupid or both. Wake up! It wasn't just Wall Street. Who forced the issue about making more affordable housing? Who put pressure on banks to lend to those who had no business getting mortgages in the first place? That was a Dem bill first put in by Carter and expanded upon by Clinton -- with good intentions, but DC has no shortage of sleaze bags looking for kick backs. At least Wall St is honest about their worship of money -- the politicians representing us were corrupt and greedy themselves.

Yes, please -- let's keep incompetent life time politicians in office. They've all done such an amazing job (and I mean ALL-- both parties).

If you bash Palin for inexperience, then you had best take a long hard look at Sen. Obama -- he is charismatic but that's about it. He has no record, and what little he does he seems to be wishing away. He seems to be tofu like -- taking on whatever the dominant flavor around him is. He might be diplomatic, but leadership material?? He needs to grow a steely spine first and take a good look at who he decides to "lie down" with -- his friends do count. If McCain's spiritual advisor was a biggot, I'd have a problem with that.


So, what exactly is it that Obama is going to do? No one has given me a GOOD answer. I wish McCain would have answered the question about what to do about all that was screwed up by sub-prime lending, etc. The answer should be "Get rid of the democratic congress" who pushed for it in the first place.


Obama talks in circles. He does it well. He sounds good. Doesn't stumble or studd-d-dor. But there is little substance. What exactly does he propose to change? Sure, we have issues, we always will as a free country. The following of the left behind him has me shaking my head and waiting for the kool-aid to be distributed by a party that was once my choice. Many, many years ago -- when it was more about democracy than giving our country away to those who don't even like us by someone who has no respect for this great country and it's foundation and insists it's broken. Go ahead, drink the koolaid -- but I'm not buying any of your fifty cent cyanide. We are one nation under God and I hope and pray we stay that way.


Hmmmm...never posted before but Risa - RIGHT ON! Thanks for being a writer - you make me happy.