A Recipe for Disaster.

It’s hard out there for a gal. A political gal. On the campaign trail. Even if the gal isn’t the one who’s running for elected office.


The past few weeks have proven challenging for the lone woman running for president, as well as for the women married to the men who are running for president. Being subjected to intense, personal scrutiny – unlike the kind men typically experience – is truly a feminine odyssey. Not one for the timid. Everything from hairstyles, clothing styles and career choices comes under fire in ways the mens’ choices do not. Seriously, what gets more attention, the fashion sense of the female spouses of the men running for president or the clothing choices of the male spouse of the woman running for president? The messages sent by the colors and accessories worn by the woman running for president or the selections made by the men running for president? A teeny sampling of news stories from the past few weeks makes this point delightfully well:


Cindy McCain, a working mom whose youngest child is in high school (McCain heads up an Anheuser-Busch franchise), came under fire for a recipe. Yep. A recipe. This corporate exec was asked by the New York Sun – along with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton – for the recipe for her family’s favorite homemade dish. Then an intrepid soul discovered that the recipe submitted by John McCain’s presidential campaign on Cindy McCain’s behalf for passion fruit mousse had been copied from the Food Network’s web site by a dimwitted intern. Proverbial egg. On face. For several days, Cindy McCain took a beating for what some media organizations, including CNN, were calling “Recipe-gate.” She may have a son in the Marines who just returned from fighting in Iraq and may return to Iraq, but forget about that, let’s talk mousse recipes, shall we?


Left unsaid and unaddressed was why in the world a news organization was asking these women -- including a candidate running for president -- for recipes. What, Rachel Ray wasn’t available for her cooking advice? Martha Stewart was too busy? If we’re talkin’ parity and first spouse traditions here, why didn’t Bill Clinton, as the spouse of the White House hopeful, get the request? Maybe the New York Sun feared it would get a list of the fast food restaurants in Manhattan.



The only coverage of this election that I can stand is The Daily Show. Seriously. And if anyone asks for my recipe for anything, they'll be LUCKY if they get something from the Food Network.


I couldn't agree more! I am sicker of the media's "coverage" of this presidential race than ever before. Indeed, who does care what these women cook -if anything? I would certainly care to hear what they think about the war in Iraq, immigration, global warming, etc. but recipes (and I LOVE to cook) -no. Why didn't they ask Bill Clinton his favorite recipes since he's the "spouse"? Just like that debacle of a debate on ABC was given to crap about sniper fire, American flag pins and who may be clinging to guns and religion -the media seems almost determined to drown out the candidates views on real issues. It's like watching "Presidential Race -brought to you by Star Magazine". I don't care if you're Dem, Rep, or Ind -I want to hear from you about REAL issues that actually matter a damn in our lives.