Random Thoughts & Gripes.


My working mom’s Pop Culture & Politics notebook this week is filled with random notations, gripes mostly because it has been a lousy week. Among my early April complaints:


Why Don’t More People Use the Word ‘Moxie’ Anymore? I think “moxie” is an underrated word that’s only found in old movies and shows like the much-missed, now-cancelled “Gilmore Girls,” featuring the ultimate, working mom with moxie. Other words I wish would be used more regularly: Sassy, saucy and kerfuffle.


Another Entertainment Industry Strike? Seriously? While it’s true that last week’s column was about what I’ve been watching in the post-writers’ strike era, as well as a schedule of returning programming for some of my favorite shows, let me say for the record that I’ve grown very impatient waiting for the new, post-writers’ strike programming to commence. I’d like to turn on the TV to something that isn’t an inane reality show or humiliation-oriented program. (If I want humiliation, all I need to do is to make and serve my three kids a healthy meal and listen to the feedback.)


Then I read in Entertainment Weekly that there’s a strong possibility of an actors’ strike: “Just as your favorite TV show is emerging from reruns, Hollywood seems to be sinking into one. Blustery union bosses, hard-line demands, and painful-sounding phrases like ‘DVD residuals;’ The town is bracing for another potential strike – this time by the actors.”


Ay caramba. What does this mean, we’ll have to start reading books or something?


The ‘Women’s’ Vote. I am sick, sick, sick (oh, what’s one more for emphasis?) SICK of hearing people prattle on, ad nauseam, about the “women’s vote” in the Democratic presidential primary contest and whether women will rally behind Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign or “betray” the sisterhood and vote for Senator Barack Obama. Hel-lo people. Women do not vote in lock-step. Voting for someone other than a female candidate doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman is a self-hating kinda gal. Capice?


Please Save Me From the Blizzard O’Paper. At this time of year, I typically find myself swamped with paper. From income tax stuff and students’ papers I must correct, to all the bazillion pieces of dead trees that are sent home from school with my kids each day, I can never shake the feeling that I’ve forgotten something, because most likely I have. Therefore, I’ve come to resent every paper that crosses the threshold of my house. At the same time, my kids’ spring sports activities heat up with what seem like the intensity of a CEO’s schedule of practices and games to the point where I feel like I’m their personal secretary. And I don’t like it, my friends. Makes me wanna cancel everything, burn all the paper and close myself off from the world . . . with the exception of being separated from my DVR, one of the best presents I ever got. And my BlackBerry. I’ve bonded with it.



I'm originally from southwestern Pennsylvania but I now live in France. The French just had their presidential election in May. The guy with the slick tailored suit one and the woman with her sleeves rolled up lost. The role of FEMALE journalists in the defeat of the female candidate was HUGE. To my surprise and disgust, I realized that we women can be MORE MACHO than men are.
I agree that you can't vote for someone just because they're female, but we happen to have -- as the French did in May -- someone who has shown her competence by her past performance.
I teach English as a foreign language and I taped a lot of material from American news programs -- ABC and CBS --at the beginning of my career during Clinton's second term. Amid the Monica Lewinsky uproar were other things on those news reels : the strong dollar, the move toward peace in the Middle East, in Ireland, in Eastern Europe, the protection of natural resources et national parks, the decrease of our national debt, the well-managed government budget. I'm not just voting for gender, but I honestly feel that Hillary Clinton represents Bill Clinton's better half and that her presidency will be even more productive and positive than his was. And we are in sore need of it.
We do not need the silken voice orator with the slick slogans. France voted for that and they are paying heavily now.


In Holiday -- one of the best 'oh how exciting it is on cable' indulge yourself movies -- the old school writer that Kate Winslet's character befriends talks about women with GUMPTION. Love that too.


I use the term "sassy" whenever I can, and I'm trying to re-introduce "moxie" into everyday speech. It's a vernacular revolution.

I also totally agree with you about the "women's vote"! Not all women have identical lives/thoughts/relgious beliefs/passionate causes. How can one candidate be the one we all want, just because she happens to be a woman. I hate to burst some pundits' bubbles, but there are a lot of women in this country who won't vote for Clinton because they are (gasp!) Republicans! Now, how did that happen? Women being able to support a candidate based on issues? Instead of acting through girly-groupthink?! How novel.