A New Adventure With Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


It’s hard enough trying to keep the embers of one’s sex life burning when you’re a married mother with young kiddos at home. In between taking care of the youngin’s, pursuing your career, keeping your home barely clean enough so it won’t be declared a Superfund site, society also expects you to maintain your “yumminess” and keep on top of your personal upkeep (shaving, plucking, waxing, hair coloring, exercising . . . the list goes on and on lest you be perceived as “letting yourself go”).


At least when you’re a married mom, it’s considered okay for your spouse to share your bed, even when your kids are home. You don’t have to make special arrangements -- other than having a really strong lock on your bedroom door -- in order to have “relations.” And you don’t even have to dash to the bathroom to shave quickly beforehand or throw on some makeup, ‘cause you can just roll over in bed in the morning and voila . . .


Try comparing the juggling act required to sustain a healthy married sex life with trying to have one when you’re a divorced mother who has small children. Not only do you have to make preparations as if you’re planning the Normandy Invasion (in many circles it’s not considered appropriate to have “relations” with someone you’re dating when your kids are home), but you’re supposed to look hot each time you see a prospective mate. As beauty “expert” Charla Krupp, author of “How Not to Look Old,” recently told the New York Times actually looking your age is anathema to a woman’s success, not just in the bedroom. “Looking hip is not just about vanity anymore, it’s critical to every woman’s personal and financial survival,” her book says. Toss in for good measure the small fact that you’ve already had a kid (or kids) and, if you’re like most women, pregnancy has left battle scars behind that don’t exactly fit into the category of “yummy.” That, my friends, is a ton o’pressure.


And that’s precisely where we find Christine Campbell (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) as the third season of “The New Adventures of Old Christine ” begins this month: Feeling crushed by the pressure of being a divorced mom who’s trying to have a sex life and is doing so with all the grace of Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory. The premiere episode -- coyly entitled “The Big Bang” – focuses on Christine ’s attempts to consummate her relationship with her boyfriend, “Mr. Harris” (Blair Underwood), a fourth grade teacher who works at Christine ’s son’s school. She worries about whether she’ll perform well, whether she’s in good enough physical shape and about what the tumble between the sheets will do to and for her budding relationship.



TV? Good grief...I get to watch primetime about once a week...but this sounds like a show worth catching...maybe if I can figure out the DVR?