Monday Morning Working Mom.

by Sara Fisher

This past Monday, I couldn't wait to go back to work. That's one thing I've learned since I had my son a year ago - weekends don't mean weekends anymore - at least in my sense of the word. It's not like my son knows the difference between Saturday and Tuesday, so he still gets up at his same early hour. This is not to say that my weekend routine is the same as my weekday routine. For one, I don’t have to go to work on the weekends. But, as I have found, change of venue doesn't equal relaxation.

Take this past weekend for example. I have been traveling a lot for personal reasons and work, so I wanted to take advantage of a weekend at home. I needed to be "productive." So I made a list of things that I had to accomplish: go to the grocery store, fill a prescription, attend a friend's daughter's birthday party, pick up two weeks worth of dry cleaning and somewhere in between make sure my son ate and napped. Oh yeah, and my husband had to work all day Saturday, making me a solo pilot in the "productive" department. My Saturday was akin to coordinating a three-ring circus without the fun animals. (A scary clown did make an appearance at the birthday party, however.)

By the end of the day, when my husband arrived home from work, I was spent. Yes, he was certainly exhausted after working a 70-hour week, but as I tried to tell him, "I'm tired too." That went over about as well as a dirty diaper.

I realized, however, after this particular errand-filled Saturday, that for me, there's something to be said about going into work. At work, I have the opportunity for a little peace. I have an office where I can shut the door. I can usually grab lunch at a time that suits me. Sometimes I can even go with a friend or colleague. I can typically create my own meeting schedule – I am not tied to nap times, snack times and play times. Some days, when my schedule is light, it's almost relaxing being in the office. Even on the busiest day at work, I am usually stationary at my desk or sitting in meetings - not running in and out of my car lugging a 21 lb. weight, a.k.a., my son. And, while all the lifting might be good for my biceps, it's not always good for creating a Zen state.

That's why I look forward to Mondays. You?


You took the words right out of my mouth!


I admit that some days I am excited to go to work to be around grown ups and quietness. Not to mention I can browse the internet without constant interuptions and breaking up the fighting. Most of the women I work with feel the same way. We love our kids but we also relish the peace found at work.

Workin It

Mondays definitely seem easy now, compared to how they felt "pre-baby." I have to confess, I love the orderly world of working, but am really happy to come home at the end of the day too!


Since I work from home, I often long for that peace. I do a lot of work during naptime and those are the days I get the most exhausted. On the days when my son is at daycare, I feel so happy and ready to see him at the end of the day because I've been productive in a nice, quiet Elmo-free environment. I don't think there should be guilt about focusing on one part of your life at a time when you can!


My kids cry at drop off on Mondays always. So I dread Mondays. It is hands down my guilt day.

Very Tired

I have to admit that I look forward to my Monday morning commute with hot coffee and music other than Raffi. Though I have been known to make it half way downtown before realizing that I have been listening to "Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day..."


I often go to work to rest.


I think Mondays are incredibly bittersweet.
I do always feel like chaos invades my order over the course of the weekend so I look forward to Monday mornings for making to do lists, returning calls, and getting my weekly schedule set. That said, it is always hard to rush the kids in the morning after letting them laze around. I always feel like I am a bad hurried, harried mom on Mondays.