McCain & The Working Mom.

What drew my attention was not the first-term, 44-year-old Alaska governor who was standing at the podium proudly accepting the invitation to join a presidential ticket. My eyes were instead focused on a woman in the crowd.


Dressed in a navy blue T-shirt bearing an American flag, the woman had, just moments earlier, been politely listening to GOP nominee John McCain explain why he made his particular choice of a running mate. Before revealing the name of his VP, Sarah Palin, McCain talked about how his announcement would “shake up Washington.” It wasn’t until he mentioned that it was the week of the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage when it dawned upon the woman in the flag T-shirt -- who’d likely been standing in the Dayton, Ohio crowd for hours -- that the vice presidential nominee was not a guy. The spectator’s mouth fell open. Her eyes widened. She looked at the man standing next to her as though she couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. It couldn’t be a woman. Could it?


A few minutes later, a mother of five – who gave birth to a baby with Down Syndrome in April, whose eldest son is being deployed to Iraq in September and who was celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary on this day – stepped in front of her first national audience. With a nod to Senator Hillary Clinton’s 18 million primary votes and the 18 million “cracks in the glass ceiling” created by her failed presidential bid, Palin said, “. . . [I]t turns out, the women of America aren’t finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”


It was stunning news to try to absorb as viewers watched Palin, her children and her husband on stage, particularly coming on the heels of the previous evening’s historic speech given by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as he accepted his party’s nod on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.


Did anyone stop to think that perhaps she WANTED to come back to work? That she had the support of her family to do so? I am a working mom and I came back to work after 1 week of having my son. this was 6 years ago. My family and my husband work as a team to help each other out. I personaly love going to work in the morning I enjoy what I do and I love my family and spending time with them. Please don't judge someone that decides to make a personal decison to not take assistance. We are all moms with different ways of doing things thats what makes this country great.


Do we know who was watching her baby? Maybe it was the father? Really, ladies the judgment is unbelievable! Americans always say how we want a Washington outsider, one who is not embroiled in the system -- so here she is. She has been mayor and governor (has served longer than Barrack Obama in an elected office -- of which he has spent most of it campaigning -- no one is talking about his ambition to get the job as he missed vote after vote for his constituents). A mayor and governor make decisions -- no BS, no committee politics, no blathering on to hear yourself blather. How can you say it doesn't count? If you disagree with her politics -- that is one thing, but to judge her when you are not privy to all her personal facts is unfair and catty. To call her inexperienced is a lie. Obama has little experience (less than her) -- so what does that say? Are we too close minded to allow room for new blood -- or just certain types of new blood?


it is all speculation. who KNOWS what kind of support systems sarah palin had/has as a mother? let's stay FOCUSED in this discussion. we VOTE for a person based on where they stand on ISSUES. not whether we think they are cute/not cute, were divorced/or had a decades long marriage, breast fed for a year/or never breast fed at all, etc. etc. etc.


Here's the deal- McCain has a proven track record. We know where he stands whether we like him or not. Obama is handsomer and younger, but not reliable- you have only to research the stories in his memoirs and compare them to public record/facts to see dishonesty. Even more worrisome, his spiritual adviser FOR 20 YEARS was a hate monger. Completely unbiblical as Jesus himself said to "love your neighbor as yourself," not love your neighbor if he/she is white/black/purple/easy to love. This is just one example of many regarding him that leads me to believe that what you see is not real. McCain like him or not votes for what he says he will, loves our country and is reliable and honest. Love is more than what you say or how you look, it's what you DO, as moms we embody that- we love with our actions and sacrifices every day.
I would urge you to vote for someone like McCain who is going to be reliable and real- only you know what decision you made at the voting booth. I can't be the only Christian Democrat- please pray for discernment and let God lead you. We are so lucky to live in a time where we can so easily research things- don't be deceived.


We can't vote just because he picked a woman! We need to vote on the issues that matter.

Mrs. Palin went back to work 3 days after giving birth to a special needs infant. As one of 4 countries in the world without maternity leave, this does not set an example to live by.

I am also appalled by the lack of experience. McCain more than any cadidate needed to pick a VP with the eye on the very real possibility of leading this country...

There were many other women Republicans that McCain could have picked. I still don't understand this one. Biden will wipe the floor with her at the debate.


The only chance McCain had was the hope that as the election drew near -- many voters were get nervous about Barack Obama's relative inexperience and vote for McCain because it felt safer. Now, Barack Obama feels like the safe choice. There is little question that Biden is a better VP choice than Palin. It is too bad because it is fantastic that a woman is on the ticket. But this isn't the right woman. The only defense to this shortsighted pick is that George HW Bush won with Quayle. I am an Obama Mama so I am quite pleased with this McCain mis-step.


I think McCain just handed the election to Barack.  For that I am thrilled.  I can't believe all these comments. Not one person addressed the horror of this woman being one step away from the presidency (possible but we hope not probably) of a 72 year old man who's had several bouts of cancer. Her politics are hideous. She anti-choice, pro NRA, seriously dangerous for the environment. Yes, we should applaud ambitious women and their choices but that doesn't mean we vote for this ticket.


p.s. we are supposed to judge. we're voters....


Perhaps how involved one chooses to be as a parent is part of what one does for the country. This is what I heard Obama say last night.

I'm by no means a McCain supporter. That said, it seems that there are more experienced republican women he could have chosen.

My daughter was premature by 7 weeks. Even with FMLA and short term disability insurance, I HAD to return to work when her adjusted age was 2 weeks. She was far to young for me to go back to work and I was not emotionally ready because of her delicacy. It was survival for us.

Ironically, because my daughter was exposed to other infants in the daycare, and therefore sickness, I ended up missing quite a bit of work. This was an issue for me at work, despite people generally liking my work product.

Maybe McCain will expect less of her than the governorship because he won't really care what she thinks; he'll only care about what she says.

Who knows? Maybe the job could be less exhausting for her....


On the face of it I think, she went back to work after two days, and with a special needs baby?!!? But, then counting, she's been in office for two years - so she got pregnant during her first year in office - Surprise! Can you really take full benefit of FMLA when you are supposed to be running a state? I wouldn't want to be in that position to have to choose. (I would love to see some pumping and breast feeding going on in the white house too!)
I'm intrigued and excited. Which ever party wins it is going to be historic!