McCain & The Working Mom.

What drew my attention was not the first-term, 44-year-old Alaska governor who was standing at the podium proudly accepting the invitation to join a presidential ticket. My eyes were instead focused on a woman in the crowd.


Dressed in a navy blue T-shirt bearing an American flag, the woman had, just moments earlier, been politely listening to GOP nominee John McCain explain why he made his particular choice of a running mate. Before revealing the name of his VP, Sarah Palin, McCain talked about how his announcement would “shake up Washington.” It wasn’t until he mentioned that it was the week of the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage when it dawned upon the woman in the flag T-shirt -- who’d likely been standing in the Dayton, Ohio crowd for hours -- that the vice presidential nominee was not a guy. The spectator’s mouth fell open. Her eyes widened. She looked at the man standing next to her as though she couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. It couldn’t be a woman. Could it?


A few minutes later, a mother of five – who gave birth to a baby with Down Syndrome in April, whose eldest son is being deployed to Iraq in September and who was celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary on this day – stepped in front of her first national audience. With a nod to Senator Hillary Clinton’s 18 million primary votes and the 18 million “cracks in the glass ceiling” created by her failed presidential bid, Palin said, “. . . [I]t turns out, the women of America aren’t finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”


It was stunning news to try to absorb as viewers watched Palin, her children and her husband on stage, particularly coming on the heels of the previous evening’s historic speech given by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama as he accepted his party’s nod on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.


There are so many things insulting about John McCain's pick for VP. I am a working mother, I am all for equality for women. What I am not for is a free pass because she is a woman. I am over people trying to impress me because she is a mother and a successful newbie on the political scene. I am insulted that John McCain's camp thought that this was a best option to attempt to win over the millions of women who voted for Hillary Clinton, this woman's beliefs and policies are so opposit Hillary and in many cases are helping turn the clocks back on some many women's issues that have been hard fought over the past 88 years. Gov. Palin is being held up as this amazing woman for having her cake and eating it too, however the fact still remains that running the state of Alaska for the past two years does not make her a qualified candidate for VP. I would not have voted for McCain regardless of his runing mate, but I am appauled at the gual of his campaign to put the future this country in the balance by trying to launch a gender war.


As an attorney in a large law firm with an infant and a toddler, I have quickly come to realize that "something's gotta give." I simply cannot reconcile the demands of my job and the care of my children. Like the job of VP (I would assume), being a corporate lawyer is a 24/7 unforgiving job. And despite having a loving, available and "hands-on" husband, I found myself jumping off the partnership track for the time being so that I could devote the time and energy into raising my children.
It pains me to criticize any working mom, but I seriously question Ms. Palin's judgment. I have very little respect for the choices she's made, from going back to work so soon after have a special needs baby to accepting the nomination of VP when it would bring so much media scrutiny to a seventeen-year-old who is facing the challenging and frightening prospect of becoming a teenage mother. On every level, Ms. Palin seem unqualified for the job of Vice President and its attendant responsibilities.


Gimme a break. gimme a break, please? This is pathetic. Let's look at someone's record and whether he or she has any relevant experience to be a VP. Do you read what you have written? Just because someone is a mother to multiple children does not, DOES NOT, meant that she is capable of being a VP or god forbid, president, should something happen to the President. Yes, it is fantastic that there are cracks in the glass ceiling. But, the facts are that she was picked (my opinion) to check some boxes and it is so obvious. There were so many other qualified women candidates out there to pick from. Besides the fact that she is leading a terrible example for people who think maternity leave is a luxury that is not that important. She returned to work THREE DAYS after she gave birth. 3 days? how's that for bonding? How's that for letting the message be loud and clear, there is nothing that is more important at this time than nurturing my child and bonding for longer than three days. That smacks of a male-centric culture that scares me for future mothers who need to get right back into work. Granted, I know there are alot of moms who have to go back to work and this is no insult to them at all for doing what they need to do. It is just such a sickening message that in order to do it all, something like oh, bonding with your newborn baby is something that can fall through the cracks.

At least if you are going to write something and send it out to your readers, try to be a little more balanced. Just because working and mom are in the same headline does not mean that because I am both that I am automatically enamored of her or going to switch my vote. give me a break.


The fact that Sarah Palin has 5 kids, is a working mom, has done a great deal for Alaska in a short time, has her husband helping her with her disabled baby and other kids, is younger and more "inexperienced" than most VP candidates are all reasons that I WILL vote for the Republicans this year. Not because of her personal life, but because she IS different that the typical candidates, and can RELATE to Moms /Working Moms around the country. She is a FRESH change in an otherwise STALE government.
I don't mind the fact that her teenage daughter is pregnant, because that makes her and her family HUMAN. I also agree with most of her core values, and while I appreciate everyone having their RIGHTS, they need to remember their RESPONSIBILITIES also. I would not vote for anyone JUST because they were a MOM or FEMALE, nor would I vote for them JUST because they were Pro-Life, etc. As a Mature Voter you have to look at the whole package, and though McCain was a decent candidate, I have to say he just got a LOT better by adding Sarah Palin!


I agree with other mothers that McCain is just trying to gain Hillary supporters. It scares me to death that if McCain wins she will be too close to the presidency for my comfort. It's not because she's a woman. Not because she's mother with a pregnant daughter and an infant with Downs. Only for the fact that she is completely inexperienced and is currently under investigation for violating the law in her own state!! Palin is certainly not even a close comparison to Hillary Clinton. I just hope that women across the country will not vote for McCain simply because his running mate is a woman. We are smarter than that! This is one working mom that will not be voting for McCain/Palin this November.


These comments just prove that some people just cannot be pleased. Can you people just look at yourselves for a moment? First we have the idea that she is terrible because she is letting her husband help her take care of their special needs child so that she can work, and then ripping on her because you don't think she's leaving her children alone enough and getting more experience. Second of all, the fact that her daughter is pregnant has absolutely NOTHING to do with her ability as a politician. That can happen to anyone, at anytime. At least she is supporting her child and letting her know that no matter what, her family will be there to help her through it.
America is a wonderful place where everyone can voice their opinion! People, you need to leave the ugliness at door and just look at things for what they are and have decent conversations about facts. I know that everyone has differing viewpoints, so why does every arguement have to become a personal attack?


O.K., now we find out her 17-year old daughter is PREGNANT, 5-months along, going to keep the baby and marry the poor daddy. Are you kidding me? This is like a very bad movie, a parody of one of those after-school specials. I'm just going to wait for someone else to pose the obvious question...


"Some job offers, you just don't accept."

At a dinner party this weekend, a number of both working moms and stay-at-home moms agreed on this and wondered if McCain chose her because he doesn't want to win. I know that it's politics, but how could the party approve and endorse someone so woefully unqualified to be one of the most powerful people in the world? Thank goodness for the Cabinet and the Balance of Power.


She is being introduced as a mom because the misguided Republicans believe that is what will attract women to vote for her, ergo McCain. They underestimate us - intelligent, thoughtful voters do not vote for the gender, or race for that matter, of a candidate. We vote for the candidate that best represents what we believe is right for our country. I do not believe that Sarah Palin and John McCain share my values, and that is the primary reason that I won't be voting for them.

Having said that, history has shown that a vice-presidential candidate rarely impacts the vote on election day. Ultimately, people are voting for the person running for president. Maybe this year will be different, since McCain is 72, and his vice-president could potentially be relevant. Which is why I question his judgment on the choice of Palin...


I've been curious to see what working moms like me are saying about scares the beejeezus out of me that she would be so close to the Presidency. Has anyone really looked at her record? Time spent in office (2 years in office and mayor of a town of 9,000)? Issues? I don't care how she looks, or how many times she's given birth, her policies are not mine. And that is what I will be voting on. McCain is grasping at straws, aiming for the Hillary vote. It just goes to show you how little he respects the intelligence of working women - after all, didn't he say that the reason women make less than men for doing the same job is because we are less educated? He is incredibly out of touch with reality. And this selection of "just any woman" proves it.