Make Room for Fall Fashion

Every day I probably waste 15 minutes staring at my over-stuffed closets and drawers ending up with the feeling that I don’t have anything to wear.  How can I streamline my closets without making it a big production?



When the weather cools and fall signals it’s on its way, a peek into closets and bureaus around the country is likely to reveal a classic conundrum: fall and winter outfits battling for space with those lingering summer clothes.  We don’t know why, but for some reason there just never seems to be enough drawer and closet space to accommodate wardrobes for all seasons.  So right about now, you may be experiencing what we call a clothes jam.  Similar in nature to a traffic jam, a clothes jam occurs when you simply have too many outfits in circulation.  A clothes jam will stop drawers in their tracks, make it impossible to navigate wardrobes, and may even lead to a case of fashion frustration (that paralysis that can overcome you when you just don’t know what to wear).  Before a clothes jam stops you in your tracks this fall, take a few minutes to streamline your wardrobe.