Maintaining Your Professional Network On Maternity Leave


I had a child this summer and am contemplating extending my leave so that I can stay home a few more months with my new son, but I'm a little scared of being out of touch professionally. What are some good ways to stay networked while I'm out of the office?


The decision of if and when to return to work is a complex one. On the one hand, children are only young for a short window of time. On the other hand, companies don't exactly stand still while you're on leave, which can make re-entry after a prolonged absence difficult. A lot has been written about this issue. People tend to have strong opinions about it. We believe that the only opinions that really matter are yours and your partner's. But regardless of your decision, one thing most agree on is the importance of maintaining your professional network while you are out of the office. So whether you plan to take time off indefinitely or just a short extension, you should consider ways to keep that professional network current.