Pearls, Tears & Pansuits: Why America Needs a Female President.

Love her or loathe her, it’s time sisters, to recognize the historical importance if our country elects Hillary Clinton as the first female president of the United States . Let’s be honest, can Mitt Romney empathize with the angst of a mom who is wiping dried spit up off her suit as she dashes into a meeting – late because there was traffic at school drop off and the PTA president accosted her in the parking lot about baking cookies for the fundraiser?


John Edwards and Barack Obama are clearly guys who appreciate kick ass women. They each married brilliant attorneys who arguably have the brain power to also lead our great country. But Elizabeth Edwards and Michelle Obama are not running for president. They are raising their children, cruising around the country in buses with their husbands while putting their other jobs on hold.


So while by proxy, Elizabeth and Michelle’s husbands must be in touch with the plight of the working mom -- you can imagine the bitching happening in the Obama household as Michelle takes on both Single Momdom and First Candidate status. But the fact is, we actually do have a strong, viable woman running…and that in itself is thrilling and wildly important to us all.


Again, politics is personal and just because you have ovaries, does not mean that you’re supporting Hillary. I get that. But as women we should be supportive of a woman seeking the Commander in Chief gig and outraged at the sexist hits our fellow sister continues to take. I’m not talking policies here; she’s a politician. Her positions should be scrutinized. But Hillary’s hair, wrinkles, voice, laugh, cry, pantsuits, pearls, motivation, marriage, ambition and personality have been dissected and criticized more than any other elected official in history. Let’s be honest, this does not happen to the candidate with the penis. As out there as Dennis Kucinich has been, and he’s out there, saying publicly he’s seen UFOs – no one’s talking about his height, hair or wife.


It’s a girl thing. It’s personal. It’s professional. And it’s sexist. Yes, even today in

America sexism persists which helps to explain why we have not yet had a female president.


Shocking as it is, Pakistan, India, Israel, Sri Lanka the United Kingdom and even

Liberia have had female heads of state. More outrageous, is that the

U.S. is one of only two industrialized countries that don’t have federally mandated paid maternity leave. Put another way, 163 other countries all have some form of paid maternity leave, leaving the United States in company with Lesotho, Papua New Guinea and

Swaziland .



Yes! this is gurl power!


Yes. I am so tired of hearing other women react so violently to Hillary yet give such a pass to Barack. "She's just not electable." "Too divisive." "Can't win the general election." Tarred by her husband's sins. Perceived as, what, too detail oriented? Like that's a bad thing in an era of faux WMDs from our current commander-in--chief, he who commands no details or facts? She is smart. She is competent. She can do this. Why she stays w/Bill is her business and no reflection on her working ability. (How many of us want to be assessed, work-wise, by our marital/relationship choices? Get real). Yes, she is a politician. Hence, yes, she's getting money where she can and is working every angle (i.e., having Bill speak) she can. So is everyone else. GIVE HER A BREAK. She's not perfect but no one, no candidate is. SHE CAN DO THIS. Don't elect Barack just b/c....I'm hearing way too many people saying, well I was going to vote for Hillary but at the last minute I decided to vote for Barack b/c...but w/no good reason, just that vague "she's so divisive." More like, ooh, momentum train, let's jump on and feel progressive. If we're not all cowed then she has a fighting shot. And that's what's right, and fair. My daugher (age 7), whom I'm trying not to indoctrinate in all things political, just to have a strong sense of self and fairness, is just so jazzed to see a woman not just running but a contender. Imagine if her parents' generation, her grandparents' generation, had had such an experience? The candidates we may've seen? Here's to the future candidates, may their ambitions not be squashed by the mistreatment afforded Hillary this go round.


I totally agree with what you wrote. We need to recognize the improtance of the first women running for office. period.

Women are awesome, I bet we'd be in for a lot of interesting, positive changes if we had a woman President.