Heather Hopkins is the visionary behind My New Red Shoes, an inspired non-profit organization recently featured on Good Morning America that provides brand new clothing and shoes to homeless and low-income kids for the first day of school.


As Executive Director of My New Red Shoes, Heather does everything from public speaking to writing press releases to recruiting interns to help get the work done.


Heather Hopkins lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her three-year-old daughter, Annie.


My New Red ShoesHow many hours a week do you work?


I don't know. Between the quick emails while Annie is coloring to the big chunks of time while she's at preschool, I would guess around 20 hours a week.


Do you work exclusively in the office, exclusively from home or some combination?


My home is my office, and this is a secret: our warehouse is my garage.


Describe your childcare setup.


I do most of my "deskwork" while my daughter is in preschool three times a week. I save meetings and speaking engagements for the babysitter time I have four hours twice a week. If only I could only get my babysitter to arrive on time, I wouldn't always have to worry about getting to those meetings in a timely manner.


Did your mom work? What did she do?


My mother was a stay-at-home mom, and a fantastic one, at that. When I was about four years old, I said, "Mommy, I don't know whether I want to be like you or go to work." I have always respected what she did and felt fulfilled staying home with my daughter before I started My New Red Shoes. I know it sounds impossible, but I feel like I have almost perfected the stay-at-home working mother role (Well, at least until my little princess spends the duration of my conference call screaming, that is).


Do you travel for your job? How often? Do you try to avoid it when you can or do you consider it the great escape?


My job doesn't generally call for travel, but My New Red Shoes was recently featured on Good Morning America and traveling to New York for the live interview was the first time I had been away from my daughter. It was truly a great escape (a full night's sleep, a calm adult dinner out). Still, I couldn't wait to kiss those soft little cheeks as soon as I got home.


Describe your worst working mom moment.