Making Friends in Cyberspace.

by Tracy Evans


Remember how easy it was to make friends back in high school and college? Boy, those were the days gal pals were a dime a dozen. Even if you got mad at so and so it didn’t matter because the next girl was right there to take her place at the lunch table. I don’t know about you but about five years out of college my pool of friends suddenly got smaller. Great friends, just not as many. Once you’re out in the real world it often takes effort to find fabulous females. Yuk. Effort means work and who wants more work added to their “to do” list? I sure don’t. Thankfully the internet is making friendships fun and easy again. You never know you just might find a group of friends that even Carrie Bradshaw would envy.


If you’re nearing the big 4-0 or well past it already you might want to check out the new site “an online community for women in their prime." Like Carrie and friends up in New York the ladies on this site meet life head on whether they are wearing dingy old slippers or shiny new Manolo Blahniks. So if you’re feeling fabulous or even if you’re not think about joining their ranks and post a profile, write a blog, and or even promote your business. Or take a sneak preview and sign-up for the newsletter. Just a second ago the latest edition landed in my mailbox I almost hit delete, but the title of an article caught my eye, “Self-Esteem is in Your Jeans”. It’s the site’s founder, Yana Berlin’s frank account of how her daughter helped her with her weight struggle. Just goes to show you that everybody gets real on the site. Who wouldn’t want to count her as one of their go-to girls?


If you’re ready to pull your hair out after a day of dealing with your hormone crazed teen you might be craving some much needed advice. Try where you can “make new friends” and “express yourself.” It’s for moms with kids of all ages but as we all know the teen years can even cause the sanest parent to go crazy. So if you can’t figure out what to do about your 16-year-old daughter’s shopping addiction. Just ask and chances are you’ll get an earful from other members. You can even return the favor and respond to other member’s questions, “My ten year old has started to develop but doesn’t want to wear a training bra. What should I do?” Hmm. Good question. I have no idea but two dozen members helped the struggling mom out with the dilemma. That’s what good girlfriends do.