Moms: Celebrated & Snubbed by the Emmy Awards.

For some, watching a Hollywood awards show is akin to watching the NCAA basketball tournament. There are odds involved and favorites for whom you’re pulling for a variety of reasons. The winners wind up basking in the media spotlight, at least for a day or two.




Ever since becoming a parent, I’ve paid much more attention to the Emmy and Golden Globe awards, particularly the Globes’ TV nominations, because my pop culture world has become much more focused on television, which is completely accessible and doesn’t cost me $10+ per hour in babysitting fees to watch. (Netflix revolutionized my movie watching – no late fees! -- but that’s another story.) So when the Emmys roll around, I make a little parlor game out of taking the list of nominees and figuring out who I want to win and who think will win. Nearly every time, though, my heart trumps my brain and I correctly predict only about 50 percent of the winners, just like when I fill out my NCAA brackets and have my sentimental favorites making it much farther than they could realistically think of going.




Now that the nominations for the September 21 Emmy ceremony have been announced, I’ve decided to weigh in on some of the best nominations, at least as far as roles involving parental storylines (the type I follow here at Mommy Track’d), as well as those folks who have been snubbed.




Among my favorites:




In nearly every place for which I write, I have trumpeted the amazing freshman season of AMC’s Mad Men, the show set in 1960 and is superbly written and acted. Leading man Jon Hamm – as Don Draper, the emotionally wounded, womanizing, haunted New York City advertising executive and married father of two living in the ‘burbs – was exquisite, as was January Jones’ portrayal of his quiet wife Betty, who is slowly awakening from her suburban housewife slumber. The series and Hamm both deserve their nominations. (Sadly, there was no nod for Jones.)




Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her kooky divorced working mom character Christine Campbell got props again this year as the star of CBS’ The New Adventures of Old Christine is up for best actress in a comedy. This satirical show which lampoons hyper-parenting just keeps getting better as it gets more comfortable in its own skin.