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Have you been wandering aimlessly through the television abyss, feeling entertainment-deprived, wondering when all the new programming (delayed by the writers’ strike) will return? As we patiently await new episodes of our favorite shows, I’ve created a list of my currently-airing favs – yes there is still good programming airing right now – in addition to the spring programs and films I’m eagerly anticipating.

What I’m watching now:


-- In Treatment. Watching this intense HBO show about the same people attending therapy sessions with the same therapist (and the therapist himself seeking therapy) week after week is akin to having a bracingly cold cup of water tossed in your face. Among the patients who regularly visit therapist Paul Weston (the gloomy Gabriel Byrne) is a warring married couple comprised of a successful businesswoman and mother of one who wanted to abort her pregnancy and her under-achiever husband who didn’t. There’s also an Olympic-caliber, suicidal teen gymnast and a perfectionist Navy pilot. Then there’s Weston himself, whose wife, the mother of his two kids, has taken up with another man after years of feeling ignored by Weston.
(Currently airing, a half-hour each weeknight. Also available through HBO On Demand.)


-- John Adams. When I watch Laura Linney’s depiction of Abigail Adams in this HBO mini-series -- pregnant for the umpteenth time and chopping her own firewood while her husband John leaves her and their children for months at a time -- I thank God that I wasn’t a mom in the 1700s. During an outbreak of smallpox, she asks a doctor to administer a dangerous inoculation to her and the children by inserting material drawn from a deceased smallpox victim into a freshly cut wound. After seeing those scenes, I realize that I don’t possess that requisite hearty New England stoicism (even though I am a New Englander, a distinctly 21st century New Englander).
(Currently airing on Sundays and available through HBO On Demand.)


-- Medium. So you may not be into the supernatural, but there’s a real, down-to-earth family drama tucked inside this NBC program about communing with the dead, where both of the middle class parents of three -- Allison (Patricia Arquette) and Joe DuBois (Jake Weber) -- have lost their jobs and are struggling to keep their house and make ends meet. They’ve had to ask his mother for money and dramatically cut back on expenses.
(Currently airing on Mondays. Episodes online on the NBC web site .)


-- Lost. This ABC drama is smart and mind-numbingly complex. After each new episode this season, after I greedily lapped up answers to some questions about what the heck is really going on in this show about plane wreck survivors marooned on a mysterious island, other new, even more confounding questions are dumped in my lap, leaving me more confused than I was before.
(Currently airing on Thursdays. Episodes online on the ABC web site.)

Brown_ Booger

BABY MAMA WAS the worst! All the jokes were shown on the camercial!my husband took care of our 6th month, while i took a night out with the girls. Baby Mama is more for us woman to watch HOME and share with the coach! wait for DVD! sorry girls. Next night out... What happens in Vagas Stays in Vagas! LOL


I can't wait for Baby Mama -- I worship Tina Fey.


Hooray for TV! I'm looking forward to many of the same shows.