Best Law Firms for Working Moms

The mom-lawyer legal community has been aflutter over Working Mother magazine’s and Flex-Time Lawyers’ new survey listing the “best” law firms for working moms.

The Wall Street Journal’s law blog said: “An overriding theme from an article that accompanies the survey: So-called Gen X and Gen Y women lawyers are ‘looking for a new kind of legal lifestyle — one that acknowledges that things like family, yoga and volunteering should be as much a part of the good life as working hard and taking home a nice paycheck. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for, they leave the firm — or the profession.’”

Meanwhile, over on’ blog, blogger Carolyn Elefant was skeptical of the survey saying: “Personally, I don't find articles like this very helpful. Does it matter whether Biglaw firm A is marginally more accommodating than Biglaw firm B? Does this kind of information help inform women when they decide where they want to work? In my view, a more useful article for working mothers would have been to profile different types of employment: government, in-house, large firm, small firm and solo practice, and compared the benefits and burdens on these different positions for working mothers.” (August 2007)