In telling some of my Jewish friends about this decision, I’ve gotten mixed reviews.  Some are in full agreement with me, and have also postponed their family Hanukkah parties until after Hannukah.  Others feel like I’m letting convenience trump tradition, and that by moving Hanukkah, I’m sending a message to my children that it’s okay to bend the rules as long as it’s easier for you.  


I can’t really argue with that.  I mean, it’s true.  And yet, I don’t really care.  I feel like my children probably know that my head would explode if I had to have Thanksgiving and Hanukkah on the same night.  And so I prefer to look at the message I’m sending another way; namely, that it’s okay to bend the rules for the sake of convenience, if it will also prevent heads from exploding.  


So, I’m looking forward to a latke-free Thanksgiving this year, and I’m looking forward to a turkey-less Hanukkah.  I prefer my holidays to be separate, thank you, and I prefer my head unexploded.  If that makes me a bad mother, well... I probably wasn’t a very good one to begin with.


Originally published on ModernMom