MBA = Mommy Track?

A new study of almost a thousand female Harvard undergrads found that 15 years later, if the woman was a business school graduate she was “more likely than doctors or lawyers to leave the workforce,” Reuters  reported. According to the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business study, 28 percent of the grads who earned MBAs were at-home mothers, as compared to 6 percent of MDs. “Within in a field, we find that women who are in family-friendly environments are more likely to stay working,” one of the researchers said. (July 2008)


I was not a Business major, but don't you think that women who decide to be a Dr. or Lawyer are probably more likely to continue to work full-time after putting so much time and money into their training?


I think this is an absolute reflection of reality. I have an MBA and am currently working full time after having scraped by on a part time salary for 2 years. My perception is that it is much more difficult to find a flexible job in the "business world". I just haven't found it to be a very family friendly arena, whereas it seems to me that doctors and lawyers have some degree of flexibility in terms of setting hours, etc.