It’s Hard Out There For Political Spouses

Former TV journalist Maria Shriver, now the first lady of
California , recently moderated a panel of the wives of the presidential candidates (the sole husband took a pass) to muse on the life of a political spouse. While comments varied from trying not to embarrass the candidate to how difficult campaigns are on families, Michelle Obama said it has been “’therapeutic’ to meet ordinary women struggling to balance career, family, illness and other demands,” according to the New York Times. “. . . Mrs. Obama also noted that she made sure to schedule her campaign swings with enough time to get home to read bedtime stories to her two daughters, perhaps registering a faint dig at Mrs. Edwards, who said she had having sacrificed time with her young children for time on the trail. ‘We’ve got to start creating those boundaries at work,’ Mrs. Obama said to applause, ‘even for the president of the

United States .’” (October 2007)