Adovcacy Groups: Magazines Should "Keep It Real"

As part of efforts to persuade “mainstream magazines to publish one unPhotoshopped image of beauty per issue,” the Keep It Real Campaign has partnered with Miss Representation, the SPARK Movement and other groups to show that unrealistically perfect images of girls and women in magazines have real consequences.


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One of those, the advocates said, is the impact on girls’ own body images, resulting in “80 percent of all 10-year-old girls . . . at some point in their lives [going] on at least one diet,” CBS Seattle reported.


Citing data from The Journal of Christian Nursing, the groups suggest that parents and others need to alert young girls that the images they see in ads and in magazines do not reflect reality.


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An official at Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development told CBS Seattle: “A significant amount of cognitive and psychological growth happens, as well as physical [during childhood and teenage years] . . . [Not eating] curbs brain and height development.”


Has your tween or teen daughter ever discussed going on a diet?